3 Ways on How to Stop Excessive Sweating Without Chemicals.

We all sweat; and it is good. Sweating is a natural reaction of our bodies to increased temperature. All bodily processes needed a certain temperature (37°C) for working properly. When this level is increased, sweat cools our bodies down and protects us from overheating. Well, normally. But what to do when we sweat even while watching TV, sitting on the bus, talking to colleagues, or sleeping?

Profuse perspiration, when is happening uncontrollably and all of a sudden, is extremely bothering and dramatically affects social and personal life. Fortunately, there are several effective treatments for abnormal sweating these days. Except for topical treatments based on acting chemicals that affect sweat glands, there are also ways how to stop sweating without chemicals. This article is dedicated to them.

When Sweating Becomes Excessive?
We all sweat differently. Perspiration mechanism depends on many factors such as gender, origin, genetics, age, physique, and health condition. Men usually sweat more than women, which is not due to the different number of sweat glands but because of the difference in their activity. Small 9 years girl will sweat differently than 40 years old body-builder. That’s why it is sometimes not easy to recognize which level of sweating is too high. The easiest clue is that sweating can be considered to be excessive when it affects your daily life. When you talk to other people, and your head is sweating like hell when you have to change a T-shirt 2 times a day, when you always have clammy hands or stinky feet, you know that you sweat too much. All these situations testify that something is wrong with your perspiration.
Chemical Treatments vs. Natural Cures
When we talk about chemical treatments of hyperhidrosis, we mean topical agents applied directly to the affected area, such as over-the-counter antiperspirant (or prescription antiperspirants), Qbrexza (medicated wipes), or oral drugs (anticholinergics) that affect sweat glands activity and suppress sweating. All these treatments are quite effective, but the effect doesn’t last too long. There are also possible side effects, such as allergic reactions, redness, skin irritations, that is the reason why many people prefer a natural approach.
When we talk about treatment without chemicals, we mean procedures that use other ways how to affect the sweat glands activity, or natural cures using the power of certain herbs as an alternative to artificial chemicals. The biggest positive of natural ways is that no chemicals burden the organism.
3 Ways How to Get Rid of Hyperhidrosis Without Chemicals
1. Iontophoresis
Using an electrical current for treating excessive sweating is not a new thing. During this procedure, an iontophoresis machine distributes a mild electrical current via electrodes and tap water directly to the affected areas. Originally, these devices were used for treating palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive hands and feet sweating), but these days, most of them are adapted for underarms and face sweating.
During iontophoresis, ions with positive or negative polarity are pushed into the skin and affect sweat glands. There are several producers of iontophoresis devices for home use. No chemicals, long-lasting sweat-effect, almost 100% efficiency, home use, and minimal side effects belong to the biggest positives of this treatment. For more information, we recommend to check out an article 10 best iontophoresis machines in 2019: Complex Overview And Comparison, where you will find everything you need about this method.
2. MiraDry
Unlike iontophoresis, MiraDry uses microwave technology to reduce sweating. Another difference between these two methods is that MiraDry needs to be applied by a dermatologist, and it can be used only for underarms. Microwaves are distributed by MiraDry machine to armpits. Several studies prove significant reduction in sweating and while the cost for Iontophoresis machine is between 200 - 1000, for one MiraDry session you can pay about 2000.
3. Natural cures
Since herbal cures are not so effective in the long run, but they are more affordable. Natural treatment of hyperhidrosis is based on using herbs that work as natural astringents (substances that narrow skin pores and prevent sweating). There are several ways how to use herbs (sage, schizandra, nettle, and others).
Herbal bath
(ideal for sweaty feet or hands). How to use it? Except for regular drinking tea from sage, nettle, burdock root, witch hazel, walnut leaf or schizandra you can prepare a bath. Take a 3-5 tablespoon of some of these herbs, add it to water and boil for about 3 minutes. When the fluid cools down, pour it to two containers big enough for your feet or hands. Then put your sweaty limbs to the substance and let it act about 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure 3 times a week.
Herbal extracts
You can find several herbal products made of mentioned herbs in the form of tincture, wipes, or lotions. In the case of tinctures and extracts, you can add a little amount to the water or tea and drink it, or you can apply a small amount of extract directly to the sweaty part of your body. Before this, read the attached leaflet carefully and make sure if you are not allergic to specific herbs.
Herbal supplements
There is also a hyperhidrosis natural supplement in the form of tablets. All of them also contain extracts from sweat-suppressing herbs. These supplements can be found in online shops with natural medicines. You can add these tablets to your diet, and you can add some vitamins to improve results. Vitamin B-vitamins complex, magnesium, zinc, and calcium has positive effects on temperature management and keeps the bodily processes in balance.
A holistic approach to excessive sweating
Sweating disorders can also be caused by improper functioning of the thyroid gland that is responsible for temperature management in our bodies. Balanced food and a special diet can dramatically improve the function of this gland and way how we sweat. Miles Dawson is a nutrition specialist who studied this connection between food, lifestyle and excessive sweating for about 12 years. The result of his research is the book called Sweat Miracle. Except for his diet plan and 5-step system how to stop sweating, you can find there all needed information about hyperhidrosis. Read a complex Sweat Miracle review
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