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4 Benefits of Yoga
Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Yoga derives its name from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” which means yoke or union, and it brings together both your body and mind. There are numerous variations and terms to get to grips with and learn, making yoga as interesting and informative as it is good for your body. If you are consideration taking up yoga, or are wanting to learn more, there are plenty of benefits, and here are just a few of them.

It is non-competitive

Yoga is growing in popularity, and one of the most common reasons people enjoy it is because it is not a competitive form of exercise. In some sports, such as team sports like soccer, there is a big emphasis on winning and being more successful than those around you. If you are not competitive, this can push you away from certain types of exercise. However, with yoga the focus is on yourself and your own journey, meaning there is less judgement, which is a huge benefit to yoga practice.

It improves strength and flexibility

Yoga is great for your whole body. It uses many different muscles, allowing you to increase your strength, endurance and flexibility, among many other aspects of health. If you are looking for a full body workout, then certain types of yoga will provide you with this. Some poses and flows can also be low impact, which puts less pressure and stress on your joints. Yoga poses and ideas can also be incorporated into other workout styles, such as HIIT, encouraging a slower and more mindful way of exercising your body and mind.

It is versatile

Yoga is an incredibly versatile type of exercise. There are various types of yoga, and many modifications you can make to suit your level of experience. This makes it great for complete beginners or experts, adding to the non-competitive element of yoga. Yoga can be done at any time of day, and you don’t even need to have lots of room. You just need a yoga mat like these from Manduka, that come in different lengths, widths, and colors. Yoga can also be an affordable method of exercising, as there are plenty of free videos and tutorials online, or you can attend regular classes or drop-in classes.

It increases mindfulness

Yoga encourages you to listen to your body and move in a mindful way. As well as the physical health benefits, there are plenty of mental and emotional benefits to practicing yoga. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and make you take note of how you are feeling both physically and mentally. You can practice yoga at any time of day, and it can be particularly helpful to do during your work breaks. Yoga at this time can help your body stretch and relax, which is useful if you have been sat at a desk all day. It can also give you time to focus on yourself and not think about work, meaning that when you start working again you may feel more focused and productive.
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