4 Home Remedies To Eliminate Worms In Dogs
Friday, 19 October 2018

 Dogs are the best friend that a man can have. But keeping a dog as a pet calls for a lot of care. If you are a dog owner, you have the responsibility of looking after your dog like a baby.

 You have to take them out for playdates, you have to give them food on time, you have to take them out for peeing and strolling and on top of that, they love to cuddle. But the thing is, no matter how careful you are, dogs attract worms. Thus, you are required to deworm the dogs from time to time. You can do this using home remedies.

Here, we have mentioned 5 home remedies to eliminate the worms in dogs. Listed below are all the herbal and homeopathic remedies to take care of the worm problems in dogs. 

1. Wormwood: The usage of wormwood is in circulation since ages. Long back they were used to eliminate worms from the intestines such as roundworms, tapeworms etc. The twist to the story is that wormwood contains oils and tannin that can prove to be harmful to the dog. So, you need to be really sure of the amount of wormwood that you are giving to your dog. Take a quarter spoon of wormwood and mix it in the food bowl. Make sure not to give them wormwood for more than three consecutive days. 

 2. Garlic: Garlic is used for a lot of anti-bacterial diseases. In fact, it is very healthy to consume garlic as it boosts the immunity. For humans, the amount of garlic consumption does not matter. However, if it is being consumed by the dog, it should be given according to the body weight of the dog. You can crush it and mix it with the food or make the dog swallow the clove. 

 3. Carrots: You can grate some carrot and then mix it up with the dog food. Carrot helps in eliminating the mucus that is attached to the walls of the parasites so that the parasites die and do not multiply. The grated carrot then will be released by the body of the dog in the form of poop. It is not digested by the dog. 

 4. Clove: Best home remedies for worms in dogs is known as clove. Clove is another element that works wonder in several home remedies. It has been used since centuries to treat the parasites in human as well as animals. For example it is used along with olive in curing the ear mites in cats.

While administering a treatment of clove to your dog, make sure to administer a clove every day for a week after the meal. Then repeat the cycle for two weeks, by feeding them clove every alternate day. Make sure not to use this remedy for long periods, as it might prove to be harmful to the dog.

Hope these best home remedies for dogs is useful .Take care of your companion.
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