4 Ways to Get Your Legs Ready for Short Season
Saturday, 28 April 2018

 The cold fingers of winter are finally starting to loosen their grip and you can at long last see the sun again. Outside the frost has made way for sprouting buds and the promise of summer that you can almost see coming around the corner. Unfortunately, the change in the weather doesn’t mean that you have had a change in the state of your legs. While you may be tempted to wear only jeans around for the entire summer, we urge you to reconsider. There is no need to let summer make you miserable just because the state of your legs is less than desirable.


 Below you will find four tips that will transform your legs from eyesores to real lookers. Give them a try, pop some shorts on, and start enjoying the warmer weather!


Are your legs too skinny? Or maybe too thick? Or perhaps just oddly shaped? The truth is that you can make the most noticeable difference to the look of your legs by putting in a few reps and some sessions at the gym. You’re likely thinking, “that will take forever to start seeing results!” That isn’t necessarily true. You can probably start seeing some noticeable results in a matter of weeks. The key is consistency and diet. You’ve probably heard that a million times, but there is a reason for that. Try sticking with a workout program or challenge a friend to see who can have the most improved legs before summer.

Self Tanners

Are your legs looking as pure as the fallen snow? By that, we are asking if they are as white as printer paper. By far, the fastest and easiest way to make a dramatic change to your legs is to use a self-tanner. If you think that self-tanners will make you turn orange and look like you just stepped out of a lab experiment involving carrots, think again. The reality is that self-tanners have come a long way. There are, however, a few tips to consider. First, don’t go too bold, too fast. Instead, choose a tone that closely resembles your own. If you want to go darker, start gradually. Be sure that you select a high-quality self-tanner. If you opt for cheap, it will probably show in the result.

Self-tanner, much like plastic surgery, is a situation where less is usually more. The odds are that if you go overboard with the self-tanner, it will become evident to anyone that you come across that you use self-tanner. The lesson: restraint will pay dividends.

Lose the Varicose Veins

A common issue many people face as it pertains to their legs is varicose veins. These are enlarged veins caused by poor circulation that lead to blood pooling -usually around the legs. The effects of varicose veins are unsightly and will make you want to run to get covered up as soon as possible. Do not despair! There are many options out there. Let's begin with easy actions you can take at home. First, elevate those legs. When you raise the legs, it will drain the blood from your legs and help your circulation. Second, don’t spend prolonged periods of time sitting or standing. Whenever you can, move around. Again, this will help with flow.

If you want to tackle those varicose veins, consider contacting a specialist. There are many options out there to treat this vein disease in your legs. There are multiple treatments out there including laser treatment and a procedure known as Sclerotherapy. It is essential to meet with a medical professional to go over all your treatment options and find the one that best suits your needs.

Protect Those Legs

It is vital that you make sure that when you decide it is time to take your newly remodeled legs out to impress friends and family, that you are still taking steps to protect your legs from the elements. Even though you might not think of it, it is necessary to apply a high-quality sunscreen to your legs. When we lather up on sunscreen, we tend to forget about using it to our legs. However, we can get skin cancer on our legs and feet. Just as with the self-tanner, spend a little extra to purchase a high-quality sunscreen with a high SPF.

It might be tempting to hide away those legs of yours this summer, but if you put in a little legwork, you will likely see some results you like. When is a good time to start? Anytime. The sooner you start exercising your legs and having varicose veins treated, the sooner you will be ready for when the weather begins to warm up. The same is true for the self-tanner and sunscreen. You could apply both of those all year round if you wanted to. The main takeaway is that you should be able to enjoy summer while wearing shorts and all leg shortcomings can be fixed with a little work and patience.

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