4 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

 Going on vacation is a great way to escape reality and take a break from the chaos of work to indulge in new adventures.

 As great as a vacation can be, it can easily throw your healthy lifestyle off course. Even if the trip away from your normal routine only lasts a few days, bad habits practiced on vacation can turn into long term behaviors that are detrimental to your health.

Whether you began specific weight loss goals prior to even knowing about your trip, or you wish to simply not gain weight on your vacation, here are 4 ways to maintain your health while away from home.

1) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Don’t start your vacation days in such an excited frenzy that you forget the day’s most important meal. Start your mornings off right and keep your metabolism in check by eating breakfast every day that you are on vacation.

Most hotels offer some sort of free breakfast. Hotels, thanks to commercial cooking equipment like food warmers and mobile cooking carts, serve healthy breakfast options. You can often choose from eggs and bacon, both of which are allowed to be consumed on low-carb diets. Take advantage of the breakfast that your hotel offers and find foods that fit within your specific diet and caloric needs.

As a hotel guest, you have no excuses to opt for convenient foods, like sugary, fat-filled muffins and doughnuts, for breakfast.

2) Don’t Neglect Exercise

It can be easy to ignore exercising on your vacation for the sake of complete relaxation. However, short and simple workouts can be performed from the comfort of your hotel room and keep you from becoming lazy. Consider trying exercises that don’t require equipment, like lunges, pushups, jumping jacks, and sit-ups. If you have room in your suitcase, pack compact equipment, like small dumbbells or a jump rope, to keep as much consistency in your exercise routine as possible.

If exercise is highly important to you, center your vacation on fun activities that will keep you moving. Rock climbing, surfing, and hiking are just a few adventurous activities that you can work into your vacation. With these types of activities on your itinerary, you won’t have to worry about falling behind on maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

3) Refuse Foods You Don’t Want

This tip is especially relevant if you are visiting family members you haven’t seen in a while. They will likely want to offer you all of their homemade pastries and home-cooked meals. While these gestures are well-intentioned, you can explain that you are trying to stick to a well-balanced diet.

If you go out with friends while on vacation, limit your alcohol consumption. Don’t give into light-hearted peer pressure ensuring you will have a better time with a few drinks. Alcoholic drinks will result in an intake of excess calories.

4) Engage in Mindful Eating

Pack snacks for when you have to travel long distances. This will help you avoid stopping for greasy fast food that won’t adequately fill you up. Also, eat snacks when you are exploring your destination spot. Wholesome snacks, like dried fruit and nuts, will fill you up and prevent you from overeating at dinnertime.

When possible, avoid going out to eat once you reach your vacation spot. While cooking can seem like a chore, especially when on vacation, preparing food from a hotel room or wherever you’re staying can help you cut out unnecessary calories.

Do your best to adhere to these 4 health tips while on vacation to ensure you stick to your personal health goals!

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