5 Health Benefits of Losing Weight

 Most people want to lose weight to gain a beautiful figure and feel good about themselves. Excess weight can have a negative impact on self-confidence and create a feeling of inferiority, as well as the fear of being unattractive. More importantly, it can have serious negative health effects.

 Losing weight is not always easy. After going on diets that last for months, engaging in overwhelming, strenuous exercises, and taking different ineffective slimming products with nothing to show for it, a majority lose hope and surrender very easily. Keeping your eye on the goal and staying motivated can be challenging but understanding how losing weight can benefit you will give you the morale boost you need to stay the course.

Reasons to Lose Weight

1. Minimize the risk of diseases.

The first and most important reason to lose excess weight is to prevent the development of several diseases. Obesity is the source of many diseases such as:

Osteoarthritis –the pressure of weight on the joints, especially with advancing age, can aggravate this disease.
Heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke–high blood cholesterol levels are linked to obesity and can lead to heart diseases and stroke.
Diabetes –people who are overweight are twice as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, a disease that reduces your body’s ability to control blood sugar.
Gallbladder disease and gall stones –the risk for these diseases increase as a person’s weight goes up.
Gout –this disease affects the joints due to high levels of uric acid in the blood.
Cancer –obesity is linked to several types of cancer, such as in the uterus, gallbladder, ovary, breast, cervix and colon for women, and colorectal and prostate cancer for men.
Reproductive issues – being overweight has also been linked to reproductive disorders in women such as menstrual disorders, infertility, and miscarriage, among others.

Fat releases pro-inflammatory substances into the body, which in turn can lead to inflammatory conditions mentioned above.
The good news is that a weight loss of just 10 to 15 percent of your initial body weight (provided you are overweight or obese) can already reduce your cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. 

2. Promotes well-being.

Your healthier lifestyle—eatinga balanced diet andgetting regular physical exercise and enough sleep—willall contribute to an improved well-being.

When the excess pounds disappear, the quality of your life improves. For example, one of the effects of weight loss is the ability to sleep well—you can say goodbye to snoring and sleep apnea. An increased libido, reduced feeling of fatigue, and better self-confidence in the way you look can also contribute to increased sexual desire.

The psychological effects of weight loss are extremely important to a person’s well-being. People who are obese report much more frequent negative moods, discrimination and derogatory treatment by strangers, lower levels of self-acceptance, and a lower probability of being ‘very satisfied’ with themselves. 

The various activities you undertake to get rid of your extra pounds will also help you overcome stress and anxiety. People who lose a significant amount of weight, and can maintain it, experience very positive psychosocial changes. They report that they feel better on so many levels:

Increased self-esteem
Reduced depressive symptoms
Improved body image
Greater self-confidence in one’s social life

3. Reduces stress.

Losing weight can also help us relax and be less stressed out. This is due in large part to the substances our bodies produce when we exercise, which help us to loosen up and make us feel good. When you feel fit, you feel good about yourself, which contributes to a better mood. 

Slimming down can be very helpful in restoring the self-esteem that many people lose when they start to gain weight. In addition to feeling better because you are more confident about your appearance, slimming with exercise releases wellness hormones into your bloodstream, further stimulating your good mood and self-confidence.

4. Increases energy levels.

The less weight you have to move around with you, the more energy you will have. Losing weight also improves oxygen efficiency, so you won’t be as winded when climbing stairs or rushing through your early morning commute.

It may be challenging to start doing exercises in the beginning, but you can start slowly and break your exercises into more manageable chunks – such as 10 minutes at a time, and increasing the duration of your exercise, or increasing the intensity of your movements, over time. As your body gets used to the physical activity, you will eventually find that you have more energy to exercise as you are losing weight. This will set off a cycle of having more energy to burn when exercising and losing more weight. 

5. Improved comfort, self-confidence and life quality.

Most overweight people don’t like their bodies, and while unfortunate, this is mostly because of the remarks and looks they get from other people. Being overweight limits the activities you can do—even tying your shoes or climbing up and down stairs can become challenging. Going on holidays can be less fun when you consider trying to fit into small airline seats and the judging looks from fellow passengers. Even shopping for clothes is tough for overweight people as most places don’t carry XL sizes, and if they do, they’re not as fashionable as smaller sized garments. To top it off, showing up to family reunions can be a painful experience when you get bombarded by well-meaning but insensitive aunts and uncles with unsolicited advice and tips for losing weight. 

Weight loss can help improve your quality of life by enabling you to engage in physical activities that you wouldn’t be able to do as an obese person, such as biking, swimming, hiking, or wall climbing. Traveling becomes easier, more convenientand less expensive, since economy seats become an option once you’ve slimmed down.You can start shopping for trendy clothes in sizes that were previouslyout of the question.Time spent with family isn’t as stressful and hurtful. You can even start going out and meeting new people with your newfound confidence!

When it comes to exercising to lose weight, there are those who want to concentrate on certain areas of the body, such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, etc. In this case, professionals can help by providing advice on practical exercises to do on a regular basis.

Endurance exercises, such as walking, running, and aerobics, work effectively to flatten the stomach, as well as abdominal exercises. Meanwhile, cycling or stepping are recommended when working on the buttocks or thighs.

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