5 Tips For Getting a Goodnight Sleep

Good sleep is as much as important as food, exercise or any other needs to keep yourself fit and healthy. You must have noticed already many people around you are suffering from deprived sleep or you've got the sleep issues on your own. It’s scientifically proven that lack of sleep can affect the physical and mental healths. It can lead to depression, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and brain dysfunction too. Sounds scary right? That’s the reason it’s important to optimize the sleep patterns. Here we have tried and tested tips for Goodnight sleep. Go through the article:

1. Lighting:

Lighting is very important for sleep. It differs on the individual to have the light on or off during sleep but there are few things with the light that can help you increase the sleep. Improving the bright light exposure during the day time can make your body understand the timings when to be active, when to doze-off. It’s suggested to have the natural sunlight directly, but it’s understandable the difficulty here with the huge buildings. In those cases, you can set up a bright, artificial light too.
Many people can’t sleep without looking at their phone, laptop or any other devices with Bluescreens. This gives a direct effect on the eyes as well as irritation, which causes a lack of sleep. Research says, keeping the devices away before you to bed is a must for a night of good night sleep..
2. Late Time Coffee:
Coffee surely is refreshing and a mood booster. The correct amount of doses can increase the focus, energy, and performances. It’s all good in the early hours of the day but coffee or any other caffeine products have other effects during the late hours. Consuming coffee in the evening hours can stimulate your nervous system and eventually worsen the sleep. Caffeine can stay active in your body for about 6-8 hours, which says it’s a best practice to avoid caffeine before 6-8 hours of your sleep timing.
3. Irregular/Day time Nap:
Power naps are helpful and beneficiary to restart. But these days, work pressures, irregular time slots taking over the sleep patterns. So, people tend to sleep late and wake up late. The main motto of early to bed, early to rise and make a man healthy, wealthy and wise is destroying eventually. Many people work in the late-night shift or early morning shifts, who have no choice other than completing their sleep in the morning hours. But this slowly affects health. So it’s advised to avoid irregular or day time sleep.
4. Consistent Timings:
The human body always works better when it’s habituated to a pattern. A loop has to be aligned from Sunrise to Sunset. Waking up in the morning, completing the work, eating at right times and sleep early in the night. Making a habit of following the pattern at the same timings can help the body to improve your metabolism, make you healthy. So, have a time table for yourself and maintain the consistent timings to improve your sleep.
5. Bedroom Temperature and Environment:
You must have observed disturbed sleep in summers due to excess heat and in winters due to excess cold. Miscoordination in Bedroom Temperature and Body Temperature can spoil the sleeping. So, try to maintain the room temperature about 20-degree Celcius, which is an ideal temperature for good sleep according to studies.
Bedroom Environment is another important thing for good night sleep. Untidy rooms tend to gather bacteria on your bed, which can irritate during the nights. Keeping the rooms clean too can improve the sleep.
Along with the above things, there other things like eating habits, physical and mental health are the factors that can affect the sleep. Mainly the mattress. Many people don’t know the suitable mattress type for them. When everyone has different body types and health structures the mattress requirement would be different too. To understand which mattress would be helpful for your Goodnight sleep, Mattress Battle is here to help. This has every guide to make your sleep better. From choosing the best mattress for your body type to best mattress requirements it has everything you need to now. Now, what are you waiting for? Check out and have a good night!
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