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5 Tips How Women Can Improve Their Relationship
Monday, 01 January 2018

Like it or not, relationships can be a heck of a ride if you do not know what, when or how to handle it. There is such thing as doing the right thing at the wrong time. You have to understand the perfect time to say or do something, or else your good intention can be a pain in the neck. Furthermore, improving your relationship as a woman can be tricky; women are mostly pressured to maintain a steady and “perfect” relationship. You have to be careful not to allow pressure from work or other life’s issue meddles or put a damper on your relationship. Below are the five things that can help women enjoy and improve their relationship.


Change your mindset

First of all, to improve and to enjoy a stress-free relationship, you need to understand that there is no such thing as THE PERFECT relationship; however, it doesn’t stop you from achieving YOUR PERFECT relationship. Each relationship is unique; you don’t expect what you see on TV or your neighbor’s to be the same as yours.
The relationship you see outside may be “photoshopped” redefining the perfect relationship will help you improve and enjoy your relationship with your spouse without the need to compete with others. Changing your mindset doesn’t mean you should settle for anyone, it simply means you should stop making other people’s relationship a blueprint for your relationship; people are different, your relationship is special.
Appreciate him for his efforts
The reason most women are frustrated in relationships is that they fail to acknowledge the good times or good things and choose to dwell on the negative things their men are doing. If you fail to thank or appreciate him for the little he does, you won’t see more from him. He will only see you as a nagging partner which of course will not make you happy. Keep thanking him for his effort, and you will encourage him to do more.
Tell him what you like and don’t assume he knows
But isn’t he supposed to know I don’t like or do like these and those? Well, the answer is no. Stop assuming; an assumption is the worst form of knowledge. Don’t expect him to know what to do to make you happy. You have to talk to your man; nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you have to pressurize him to do anything. Every woman knows when her man his happy or “receptive” instead of saying “ take the children out or I don’t like the way you leave the kids with me all the time” you say “I love the way you helped with the kids, they were so excited!” All men want to please their partners, so saying you love or how it makes you feel when they do some things will encourage them to do more.
Don’t stop being flirty
Say what now? Oh yes! You heard me… flirt with your man! Relationships get boring the minute you feel you don’t have to do anything to keep your man. You have to remind him of how sexy, flirty you can be. No matter the years you’ve spent together, it doesn’t make you stop teasing or flirting with him. Give him reasons to run home to you instead of hanging out with the guys. Be spontaneous; don’t make him know your every move.
Communication is an important key to building a successful relationship. Most people do not listen to understand; they only listen to reply. Try to get what your partner is trying to say if you don’t understand him, ask questions and do not assume. Be gentle with him; not everyone is a fast learner. Keep calm and try to see your partner’s point of view.
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