5 Tips to improve your Mental Health
Saturday, 26 May 2018

We live in a world where things are happening at a fast pace. This requires that we have to adapt quickly to changing environments. Therefore, it is important to take care of ourselves by specifically improving our mental health. There are many easy tasks every day that can help us maintain, improve our spirit and well-being.


When we take care of our minds, we can make better decisions, think more clearly, feel more optimistic, create and maintain better relationships with others, sleep more peacefully and feel happier.

Here are five simple tips to improve our mental health.

1. Making "healthy" choices

It is very easy to relieve a snack by eating a snack, but simply changing food can help our mind stay more focused throughout the day. Nutritionists advise that foods with a moderate protein content, high fiber and low glycemic index, regulate appetite and food consumption.

For example, a healthier snack is to eat a fresh fruit and raw nuts. It is especially possible to train and persuade our brain to get pleasure when we eat vegetables and have no pleasure when we consume undesirable foods that are too sweet.

This can be achieved by changing our eating behavior over time, and by training our brains to desire healthier foods. Extensive research has revealed that the brain works best with 25 grams of fruit sugars in the body.

Therefore, try to train your brain by eating a fruit rather than a packet of chips in the middle of the morning. Your brain will get used to this habit and desire a fruit at this time.

It is also important to think about drinking water. Keeping our body hydrated can increase the power of our brain by up to 20 percent. Thus, it is important to always make sure to carry water in a bottle, because we always have to rehydrate for a day.

2. Take moments of "tranquility"

We have so many activities and tasks to do around us that we do not have enough time to rest. Moreover, when we are outside, we are disturbed by the hustle and bustle of our environment. On the other hand, when we are indoors in an office, we are surrounded by noise conversations, typing, phones, printers etc. In our homes, too, have the sound of our TV radio or other home appliances.

When will our minds have peace or rest during the day?

Getting a moment of calm and relaxation in a quiet room can produce miracles for our sanity. This allows you to create targeted thoughts during the day. You can even practice meditation because it helps to have good mental health.

The best way to stimulate our mental health is the practice of some relaxation exercises. These include prayer, deep breathing, yoga, attention practices and even small naps in the middle of the day.

3. Avoid stress

There are many forms of stress. People do not usually realize that they are suffering from stress, but the accumulation of small annoyances, negative thoughts could contribute to having a negative impact on your mental and even physical health.

Stress can lead to various disorders such as depression and anxiety, personality changes, bipolar disorder, problem behaviors, cognitive (thinking) problems etc.
In addition to poor mental health, stress can also cause extreme fatigue, negative feelings, hair loss, infertility, muscle pain, weight loss / gain, and internal organ dysfunction.

We must always try to discover what could be the main causes of stress in our life. We can find it by evaluating our environment.

You can use CheerUp app which is community of innovative tools which are designed to remove anxiety, addictions, depression and more. It is easy to know and remove the causes for stress and anxiety by using this app.

Then we must try to change the possible causes of our stress. Most of the causes of stress presented above can easily be solved by making small positive changes in our lives and avoiding what triggers them.

For example, it is difficult to avoid the distractions of the office especially that related to our colleagues. However, nothing prevents us from leaving the office during lunch and going to walk or to rest in a quiet place with fresh air.

4. Keep your mind active

Using our computer or watching TV after our work every night can have some benefits from time to time. But usually, the usual monotonous combination with something that keeps an active mind is a better way to stay in shape.

For example, we should rather focus on activities like playing with crosswords or puzzles, reading a book or solving a puzzle.

Studies also show that video games improve reaction times by 25%! Simple games like bingo can improve your reactions, create a sharp mind and relieve stress. Nowadays, thanks to technology, you can get a lot of gaming applications on a tablet or phone that enhances our brain capabilities for free.

5. Talk about problems

If you have a problem in your mind, it gets worse if you let this problem happen in your chest.

It is good to remember that seeking help indicates strength, not weakness. You must know the diction that says a well-stated problem is a half-solved problem.
When we remove negative or hurtful thoughts such as anger, our mental health is prone to suffer. We will experience stress and tension, and we may also run out of sleep at night.

Fortunately, there is always a way out and finding help, and it's never as difficult as you think to find a solution. We can also solve any problems we encounter with a little patience, time, acceptance, understanding and support.

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