5 Top Ways to Passing a Drug Test Last Minute

 Finally got a yes on job app but are unsure how to pass the drug test? Discover right here five of the smoothest tricks to passing a drug test.

 A lot of substances are gaining scientific support, used recreationally, and well-accepted in different communities but still, prevent you from getting a job. 

Maybe you just killed the interview to your dream job, only to find that you have to pass a drug test before you start. Before you give up, we've got a few tricks to passing a drug test that might save you. 

Tricks to Passing a Drug Test

When there's little-to-no notice of a drug test, it can seem like you're entirely out of luck. Many people have been in your shoes, though, and some of those people have gotten creative. 

Here are five of the most effective methods we've found:

1. Synthetic Urine

It seems like it wouldn't work, but it has. Buying synthetic urine is probably the easiest way to avoid failing a drug test. 

You might have to get creative with how you get that urine into the cup, though. It's a quick, relatively easy way to pass. You might have to scrounge up some confidence, though, because you're going to feel very sneaky.

2. The Macujo Method

Some drug tests require that you give up a hair follicle to be examined. The Macujo method is one of the most reliable ways to detoxify hair follicles through shampoo and conditioner. 

Hair is one of the most difficult things to purify, so it's important that you take measures and don't just go to the test. When tests are at short notice, you won't have time to ship special shampoos, either. 

You can save yourself by ordering early and saving them for a rainy day. 

3. Flooding the System

The cheapest and oldest way of beating a drug test, whether it's blood or urine, is to drink a good deal of water. Doing so will dilute your system and offset the detectability of drugs in your system. 

This is most commonly used in the case of marijuana. There are a number of supplements that you can introduce into the process that may help offset your blood and urine as well. 

4. Detox Kits

Another popular method is the use of detox kits. These kits come in a number of forms, all with elements that supposedly offset levels of drugs in your system. 
The nice thing about these is that you can buy kits for specific drugs and specific tests. While we can't vouch for the efficacy of these products, we certainly can't rule them out.

5. Someone's Urine/Fate

You can always try and find a sober person's urine. This seems weird, difficult, and dirty, and you're right. At the same time, your job is on the line, so you do what you have to do. 

Also, it should be noted that drug tests aren't always accurate. Sending prayers, asking the gods for help, and really focusing on negative results could be ways to go as well. 

Studies have shown that collective thoughts actually send an effect out into the world, so ask your friends to pray for you too.

Life is Hard, You Need Hacks

Tricks to passing a drug test are typically drug and test-specific. It's important that you tailor your methods to the situation at hand. 
Life-hacks only work if you know how to use them. If you're in the mood for some more life hacks, visit our site for the information you need.
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