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6 Easy Yoga Poses to Reverse Bad Posture
Monday, 29 March 2021

From very early on in life, we spend our days sitting, a position that is very encouraging for bad posture. For those of us who have been slouching for a very long time, there are plenty of muscles that are impacted, some of which become weak, like the abs and glutes, and some of which become too tight, like the calves and the lower back.

Intimate yoga classes are a great way to correct that bad posture, and help reverse the damage caused by so many years of slouching. Here are 6 easy poses to get you started on your journey to recovery.

The Cobra

To start, lie on your mat with your face down, and have your forehead resting on the mat. Next, bending your elbows, put your palms close to the ribs, while pressing the toes down. Raise your kneecaps, chest, palms and forehead while taking a big breath in, then have your shoulder blades squeezed towards each other. Keep this position for 5 breaths, and then release while breathing out.

The Tree Pose

This one is great because it pushes you to keep your posture right, so that you will be able to balance. To start, have your left foot grounded, while keeping the shoulders in the same line with the hips. Keep the spine long, then raise the right foot, and place its sole on the inner left thigh. Stand tall, and have your hands reaching towards the ceiling or in front of the heart.

Bridge Pose

Lying on your back with bent knees, and with your feet firmly on the mat, have your feet as close to the body as comfortably possible, and keep them hip-width apart. Have your arms right next to the body, with your palms on the mat. As your push the palms into the mat, breathe out, and raise your hips up. Stay in this position for 8 breaths, and then come back down slowly. When doing this pose, it is important to use a not so slippery yoga mat.

Standing Forward Fold

Having your feet at hip width distance, fold forwards from the hips down. If you can reach all the way down, then place your hands on the floor, but make sure that this isn’t too painful. If it is, simply touch the opposite elbows with your palms.

Downward Facing Dog

For this one, begin by lying on your mat in a push-up position, having the palms under the shoulders, with the fingers spread out. When breathing out, raise your hips up, so that your body will resemble a V. Keep the body as straight as you can, making sure to bend the knees if having them straight doesn’t feel comfortable. If you can, let your heels touch the mat so that your calves will also stretch. Stay like this for 8 breaths.

The Bow Pose

This pose is just what you need for making your back even stronger. Star lying face down on the mat. Then, grab the ankles with your hands. When taking a big breath in, raise your thighs and the upper part of the body so that they are no longer touching the floor. With each breath in, keep raising your heels.

There are plenty of yoga poses that can help reverse bad posture, and these are just a few of them. By making sure to include them in your daily routine, you will undoubtedly notice a change.
The benefits of yoga range from physical to mental heath in keeping us flexible and providing focus and concentration in our daily work schedule.
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