6 Modern Health Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Treat Naturally
Sunday, 22 April 2018

The struggle to spread the word and legalize marijuana both in the USA and the rest of the world has never been more evident. Even if full-on global legalization is still far from realization. At least the demonization of marijuana in mainstream media has been greatly reduced in the past few years and there are many legal medical marijuana dispensaries like People?s OC opening throughout the country.


the rest of the world has

never been more evident. Even if full-on global legalization is stil

l far from realization. At least the

demonization of marijuana in mainstream media has been greatly reduced in the

past few years and

there are many legal medical

marijuana dispensaries like People


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opening throughout the country.

People?s attitude towards cannabis has also seen a shift from a so called ??gateway drug?? to an acceptable recreational ??drug?? with an ever growing potential in treatment for various conditions. We are still not completely there and we are still not 100% certain about pros and cons, and we can?t really draw a definitive line at this point. However, the good thing is that benefits in medicinal use are more than evident and new studies prove that medicinal marijuana helps treat illness emerge constantly. The only thing we can, and should do right now is continue using marijuana and all its derivatives and learning more about its properties. We need to spread the word to try and definitively undo the stigma which marijuana has been burdened with for a very long time. Here are some examples of illnesses and conditions that can be treated or at least help treat with medicinal marijuana

Depression and Anxiety

Although people are different and have different reactions to different stimulants, it has been shown that cannabis in low doses can help fight anxiety as a valid relaxation method and a stress reliever at the end of a strenuous day at work or any other physically or mentally exhausting activity. At the same time it is worth noting that this helpful effect can be achieved only in acceptable doses, increasing the amount can potentially lead to that very problem we are trying to treat and just increase the anxiety we feel at that moment, but if we find our right dose then we will experience nothing but benefits.

Chronic Pain

One of the most common inquiries for medicinal marijuana is whether it can help treat chronic pain, and the answer is yes. Many people who fight chronic pain on daily basis have discovered that this perfectly natural treatment, with no chemicals that might harm their organism in the long run, actually helps them immensely. It works in a way that cannabis helps relax your muscles and increase performance of the blood vessels and thus the body itself shifts into a state in which the pain goes away, to put it simply.

Epileptic seizures

Researches have shown that one of the cannabis compounds, canabidiol (CBD) helps people who suffer from epileptic seizures. It even goes to say that this is the only valid help they can get that de facto helps. These are all people?s experiences first hand so it is worth adding that there is no official 100% sure validation or studies that had determined that cannabis is the ultimate epilepsy treatment. This means that more research and more information is needed, but word of mouth and some early studies confirm how effective and beneficial medicinal cannabis is.

Alzheimer?s disease

A recent study done by Scripps Research Institute has shown that cannabis can help slow down development of Alzheimer?s disease.

It has also been discovered in the past 10 years that THC is a good weapon against inception of amyloid plaques which kill brain cells. THC helps block enzyme in the brain which is one of the substances that makes these plaques. Another study showed great results with the use of a drug called dronabinol, a synthetic derivative of THC, to help combat behavioral discrepancies with patients suffering from dementia.

Better metabolism

A recent study has shown that people under the influence of cannabis, or in other words, high people do tend to intake more calories since their appetite is increased at that time. Simultaneously their metabolism speeds up and the organism?s over all reaction to sugar is much better. A research has been conducted on a number of people who regularly consume cannabis and people who had never tried it. Blood sugar and insulin levels were measured after a 9-hour break from taking anything that contains sugar. Results of the study have shown that people who regularly use cannabis have developed, or their bodies have developed a much better reaction to sugar. Of course, it was not definitively determined if these results were directly resulted by a regular cannabis consumption or if these people already had genetic predisposition to better react.

Creativity fuel

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana has a very positive effect on the mental state of a person. It is a relaxation method and a stress relief, but at the same time it ignites creativity leading to a plethora of interesting thoughts and new ideas. Although the short-term memory is a sort of a victim to being high on marijuana, the other side of the coin reveals a new ability to concentrate on a certain topic more thoroughly and solve problems at hand without panicking or feeling lazy or unable.

Verbal fluency is significantly improved while under the effect of cannabis, thus providing a pure joy of being a part of almost any type of conversation, even if you are not normally a talkative person.

The release of dopamine and the state of relaxation really give you brain a new perspective, an ability to see things from different angles and more poetically speaking, ignite your mind to do wondrous things.

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