6 Reasons Why Growing A Beard is Healthy

Beards are in. Yet not everyone is on the beard boat. The detractors would have you believe that they are dirty, itchy, and full of all sorts of undesirables. This could not be further from the truth.

In fact, there are many reasons why growing a beard is healthy. Knowing how to style a beard [pictured below in the infographic], is only the beginning. Once you actually know why a beard not only looks good, but makes you healthier, you may never opt for a naked face again.

#1 - A Beard Helps Keep Skin Moisture Levels Normal

When you keep the hair on your face, you automatically block out various environmental factors such as wind, cold, and sun. In doing so you are preventing the skin from becoming dry. The natural oils that are excreted from your sebaceous glands (located inside your hair follicles) are able to keep the skin in a more natural condition. Shaving can have a negative impact on these oils as they are subjected to the various environmental factors. This is not to mention the harsh soaps, chemicals, and physical factors that impact a bare face.

#2 Shaving Causes Acne

Using a shaver on bare open skin spreads the bacteria responsible for causing acne. If you are sporting a beard, there is a very high chance you have soft and supple skin underneath. Sometimes you may find that you have a pimple or two lingering just under the surface of a well-kept beard, but not as often as you would if you had a cleanly shaven face. There are many reasons for this acne causing aspect of shaving, but just suffice it to say that having a beard gives you better skin.

#3 Beards Help Reduce Allergies

Allergens like pollen and grass can be a major pain in the nose for many people during the warmer months of the year. For some, these warmer months are the only way to enjoy the outdoors after a long and tedious winter. Nobody wants to suffer through these months with the red-nosed sniffles caused by allergies. This is where a beard comes in. A beard is a natural filter for all sorts of airborne particulates, including the ones that cause your allergies to flare up. It’s almost like a natural antihistamine, without having to take anything for it. Prevent your allergies from flaring up as often this year and grow a beard.

#4 A Beard Prevents Bacterial Infections

Bacteria are everywhere. Most of them are needed by the body. 99.8% of all bacteria are part of the natural functions of the biological body and are required for us to be healthy. Killing off bacteria can be dangerous for this reason, which is why killing them off all the time is one of the biggest threats to our long-term health. However, there are some bacteria that can cause problems in an unbalanced body. One of these imbalances is shaving. Shaving can cause cuts, micro-lesions, and spread the bacteria on the shavers dirty blades. This opens the door to bacterial infection. The potential of your compromised face coming into contact with pathogenic bacteria throughout the day is increased manifold after a clean shave. With a beard, however, this is a non-issue.

#5 Prevent Skin Cancer

Having a well kept beard can prevent up to 95% of UV rays from contacting your skin. If you live in an area of the world that forces a lot of sun exposure, this could be your saving grace. However, there is a bit of a myth around sun and skin. The sun is not the cause of skin cancer. The sun interacts with the chemicals, pollutants, and skin excretions from an unhealthy lifestyle and creates byproducts that can cause cancer. So an unhealthy lifestyle full of various toxic chemicals, foods, and atmospheres is the cause of skin cancer, not sun exposure. The problem is, we are pretty much all exposed to these toxic life conditions and need some protection. A beard is a perfect way to do this for your face. By growing a beard, you can help to protect your face from being exposed to various toxic factors as well as protect from the sun’s exposure.

#6 Helps Skin Stay Younger

When you prevent exposure to environmental factors, the skin stays healthier for longer. Growing a beard keeps these factors at bay and can help to keep skin moist, protected, and younger looking.

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