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7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice
Thursday, 01 March 2018

There are hundreds of ways that can let you absorb the benefits of vegetables. But for a person, whose concern on his/her health would like to have it as a juice. Because this is the only way where you can have a perfect blend of multiple vegetable nutrients together, without wasting even any of its energy.

Besides, the low energy density of vegetables is a reason of why you can east a lot of them. But if you juice it the right way, you will only consume the nutrients and fibers. So, a glass of vegetable juice with your everyday routine is the way to keep all the physical troubles away. Hello Juicer might help you to get a good quality juicer before you start getting the benefits of good quality juicers.

7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice


Here are 7 of the best health benefits of drinking vegetable juiceon regular basis-

#1 of 7: You Get It All Right in One Cup

In a single cup of vegetable, you can get the nutrients of quite a few vegetables. So, it’s the best way to consume the best nutrient levels from the vegetables.

#2 of 7: Better Absorption Enhanced

When you consume the vegetable juice instead of the wholeveggies, it lets only the nutrients, fibers to come in. The rest of the vegetable is that part of it which is supposed to be out of your body.

#3 of 7: A Quite Easier Option to Be Healthy

You won’t have time to have 5-6 vegetables every day with such a busy day to day routine. So, a juice can save a lot of time with serving all of the veggies right in one glass. It's easy to both prepare and consumes.
7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Juice


#4 of 7: Provides Body Hydration Regularly

You have to sweat or dehydrate in a lot of ways while you're out of the home. A cold glass of vegetable juice can be the complimentary hydration source for you. As the water count in a glass of vegetable juice is good, it's a good source of water for the body.

#5 of 7: Stay Healthy Right from You Home

There are a lot of vitamin bottles and supplementary drinks available in the market. But why spend the extra bucks if you get something more right from your home? A homemade glass of mixed vegetable juice is no less than any of these commercial products.

#6 of 7: Takes Care of the Hair Growth

Vegetable juices also have some positive impacts on the growth of the hair as well. Especially, vegetables like beetroots, spinach, carrots, and onions have a good impact on the growth of your hair.

#7 of 7: Keeps Your Face Out of Acne and Pimples

Pimples and acne are one of the problems that bother up so much. And we try a lot of chemical products to get rid of them. But just if you would grow a habit of vegetable mix juices every day, you may not spend those dollars at all.
A couple of Vegetable Juice Recipes
Now, if you’re interested in receiving these many features right from the juicer of your kitchen, here are two of my favorite vegetable juice recipe-

# Recipe 1: Spinach and Celery Juice

Key ingredients are-
1. Spinach (One fistful).
2. Celery stalk along with leaves.
3. Green apple (1 piece).
4. Small Carrot (3-5 pieces).
5. Cucumber (1 medium).
The Benefit
Carrot and peel, two of the core ingredients of the juice, contains some necessary elements like Potassium. It helps in balancing high sodium levels in the blood. Also, when it comes to dealing with hypertension and high blood pressure, this mix will be a lot of help. Besides, Carrot is another popular vegetable to fight against glowing skins.

# Recipe 3: Bell Pepper, Kale, and Kiwi Juice

Key ingredients are-
1. Kale (2 branches).
2. Orange Bell Pepper.
3. Celery (a Stalk).
4. Kiwi Fruit.

The Benefit

You will be needing a vegetable juicer to deal with the recipe of this juice. You can try this one. However, if you have got the right juicer in the kitchen, feed all the ingredients right on the juicer and finish the feeding with celery. Now juice it well to extract the most out of the ingredients. After you are done, steer up the juice and make sure that it’s well


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