7 Essentials for a Diabetic's Survival Bag
Monday, 17 May 2021

Diabetes is a condition wherein the body fails to produce insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas. It’s main function is to transport glucose taken from food to cells in the body. If the condition is in its later stages, diabetes could become life threatening. Don’t worry though, if you have this condition you could still control it. You just need a set strategy, and the right tools. Here are 7 essentials for a diabetic’s survival bag.

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1. Insulin

When a person has diabetes, this means his or her body could no longer produce insulin. This means that you will need to directly inject insulin into your bloodstream in order to regulate your blood sugar. As a precaution, it is imperative that you pack one or two bottles of insulin into your survival bag every day. Remember that you will need to take insulin each and every day, and if you even miss one day, you are risking blood sugar imbalance. Remember that insulin is quite expensive, so it is important that you keep them in sturdy containers

2. Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the most dangerous aspects of diabetes, is that they could damage key aspects of your body. One of the most damaging being the fact that they could damage the small vessels in your body, which could cause high blood pressure.
This is a grave situation because if you do not monitor your blood pressure as well as your blood sugar, there is a chance you might suffer a stroke or even a heart attack. As a whole it is important that you invest in blood pressure monitors. If you want high quality monitors, you should check on Raycome. It is a company that specializes in creating various hospital blood pressure monitor options. Raycome has many types of blood pressure monitors, such as small portable ones, and large ones that are meant for hospital use.

3. Emergency Sweets

It is imperative that you always have emergency sweets on hand. Remember that diabetes could cause your blood sugar to have an imbalance. There will be times where your blood sugar is too low, and there will be times it is too high.If your blood sugar is low, you might eventually suffer from low blood pressure, and have fainting spells.
By having emergency sweets in your survival bag, you will be able to get your blood sugar up in no time.When you choose sweets, it is best that they are not too sweet. If you choose overly sweet candies, you might risk making your blood sugar too high. Instead, it is better if you use mint candies. They are easy to store, and they are not too sweet that they could cause your blood sugar to shoot up.

4. Glucose Monitor

When it comes to dealing with diabetes,you will need to be as meticulous as possible. Remember that you might not notice that your blood sugar is too low or too high until you start having headaches. As a way to keep track of your blood sugar, it is a good idea to have a glucose monitor in your diabetes survival bag as much as possible. By having a glucose monitor, you will be able to accurately check your blood glucose levels each and every time.

5. Fresh Insulin Needles

When it comes to packing up a diabetic survival bag, it is important that you stock up on insulin needles. When you inject insulin, it is very important that you use a fresh one each and every time. If you reuse your needles, you are risking infection and getting blood diseases. When you store your insulin needles, it is important that they are in a sturdy and sterile container. This will ensure that your needles don't get contaminated. After you use your needles, it is important that you dispose of the needles as safely as possible.

6. Insulin Pump

If you want to administer insulin more efficiently, it is better if you use an insulin pump. This is a device that allows you to administer insulin to a diabetic person on a continuous basis. The pump is usually worn on the body, and it is set at a specific time to pump the body with insulin.
This is a lot more efficient compared to an insulin needle because all you need to do is set a specific time, and the pump will accurately administer insulin to your bloodstream. If you are going to use an insulin pump, you will still need to be meticulous.Every night, you should make sure that you refill your insulin pump. This will ensure that your insulin pump will always have enough insulin to pump into your bloodstream.

7. Diabetes Medical Bracelet

No matter how careful you are, there is still a chance that you might faint without anyone you know around to help you. This is where a diabetes medical bracelet comes in very handy. By wearing a diabetes medical bracelet, paramedics will be able to know that you are diabetic, and they could take the necessary steps to inject you with insulin. It is a good idea to have multiple medical bracelets on you. You should wear a medical bracelet, and store one in your bag as well. This will ensure that paramedics will be able to see the medical bracelet as fast as possible.


If you have diabetes, it could be life threatening if you don’t know how to control it. Luckily, you just need to change aspects of your lifestyle. You will also need a bag full of essential tools that will help control your diabetics. With these essentials you will be able to control your diabetes as effectively ss possible.
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