7 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

 Everybody loves coming home after a long day of work – curling up on your favorite spot on the couch with a nice snack can be very relaxing. Unfortunately, being forced to stay inside for extended periods of time can lead to unprecedented levels of angst and cabin fever, even for the best of us.

 While cabin fever is usually associated with the winter, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that any time of the year can make us stir-crazy.

Here are 7 ways to combat the boredom during these times:

1.    Focus on Your Health

The most important thing you can do when in isolation is to make sure that you don’t neglect your health. Fortunately, there are all kinds of free resources available to help you stay mentally and physically happy, such as articles by Australian health and fitness blogger, Denise Deschanel.

2.    Stay Active

Even if you aren’t a gym rat, finding yourself isolated suddenly can lead to you losing the usual daily activity that used to come naturally.

Try getting your steps in, even while you’re stuck inside. If you’re spending your time binging your favorite Netflix show, try to get up every hour to briefly walk around your home.

3.    Cook With Others

If you are stuck indoors with friends or family, cooking together can be a super fun, stress-relieving activity. Time spent in the kitchen can be particularly educational for children – not to mention yummy.

Muffins, soups, and other comfort food can be just the trick to cheer you and your loved ones up. If you are alone in your home, set up a cooking date with friends over a video chatting software!

4.    Help Others

Doing good will make you feel better. There are many ways to help out your community, whether you start something yourself or contribute to a local food drive. Reach out to your community to find out more about how you can help others, or participate in an online fundraiser with friends for those in need.

5.    Spend Some Time Outdoors

Nothing is a better cure for combatting cabin fever than spending a little time outside, weather permitting.

After ensuring that it is safe to do so, try taking a brisk walk outside and taking in the fresh air. This is sure to alleviate some stress, improve your mood, and overall just make you feel a little better. If taking a walk isn’t an option, you can try opening a window to let a little fresh air in – not quite as good, but still a welcome change.

6.    Develop a Routine

When in isolation, you may not be working your usual 9 to 5 gig. When you lose sight of your usual routine, you can find yourself disrupting your usual sleeping and eating habits for the worse.

Try to maintain a feeling of structure in your daily life. Schedule meals, household projects, workouts, and even relaxing time. This may sound redundant, but knowing your daily schedule gives you a list of small “goals” to complete throughout your day.

7.    Break Out the Board Games

They’ve been sitting in your attic collecting dust for long enough. Pull them down and let your kids take turns selecting which game to play. Or, maybe you play a ton of board games already – in this case, bust out one of the less popular ones and try giving it a fun new twist.

For example, instead of playing regular Jenga for the 100th time, write questions on some of the blocks and turn it into a silly game of truth or dare.

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