A Comprehensive Guide on How To Buy Contact Lens
Sunday, 18 April 2021

Contact lenses have now become a personal care product after it turned convenient and comfortable. The idea of being free from bulky glasses for any situation is almost too good to pass up on the opportunity to buy contact lenses. If you take care of it properly, it will give you a comfortable and healthy vision.


There so many different types of contact lenses available in the market today and this can be quite overwhelming. Let’s take a look at the different types and see which one fits you best.


Soft contact lenses are manufactured using soft polymer-plastic with a certain amount of water. The presence of water is very important here because it lets oxygen to freely pass through the lens and gives comfort to the wearer. You can find high quality soft contact lens from www.contactlenses.co.uk.
These brand new soft lenses will provide your eyes with more oxygen when you wear them.
There are different types of soft lenses –
  • Disposable lenses - daily, weekly, monthly
  • Extended wear
  • Bifocals which are presbyopic lenses designed for older people
  • Toric - cylindrical powers to correct astigmatism
  • Cosmetic colored lens
Many soft lenses also protect from harmful UV rays
The term “disposable” means to discard after using once. However, most wearers are given some kind of schedule for frequent replacement.
Some categories are:
  • Disposable: To be replaced daily, weekly or every 15 days
  • Frequent replacement contact lenses: These are replaced every month or quarterly
  • Reusable Lenses: These are replaced after six or more months
  • If you are prone to allergies, it is advised to use daily disposable contact lenses
If you wear your lens frequently, you must remove it every night and clean it with the prescribed lens solution and then place it in the lens case along with the same solution until your next use. You must discard it after the given period which is normally one month or 3 months.
One big benefit of using a disposable is that you won’t have to clean it regularly. This decreases the chance of an infection, reduces irritation and dry eyes as a result of the contact solution. This is helpful for individuals whose eyes produce a lot of protein as it leaves deposits in the lens.
Traditional disposable lenses are changed on annually or quarterly. What motivates a lot of people to opt for traditional lenses is because frequent replacement lenses are comparatively costlier. Most of the toric lenses for bifocals, multifocal or astigmatism lenses designed for near sighted and far sighted vision are traditional lenses. It needs an
Individuals can leave the lenses overnight or wear them continuously. These can be worn from one night to one week or even up to a month of continuous wear. It is made from flexible plastics designed to let oxygen enter through the cornea. Always rest the eyes for at least a night in between scheduled removals.
RGPs can be quite uncomfortable when you wear it for the first time and will take a couple of weeks to get comfortable. These lenses are reserved to correct vision for certain conditions of the cornea.
Colored contact lens can either enhance the natural color of the eye or change it altogether. They also come in special designs on the lens for occasional uses. Patients with scarred or disfigured eyes can benefit from the specialized lens.
Do not buy your lenses based on your spectacle power because it may not always be correct.
Make sure to have a proper consultation and an eye test with your ophthalmologist before you get your first lens.
Your eye test must include computerized mapping to check the curvature and size of your cornea and a microscopic assessment of your cornea to check for any infection, allergies, inflammation, dry eye or scarring.
Get a thorough discussion of what you require and then some fittings before you get the right one.
If this is your first time, don’t just buy contact lenses from the shop. Make sure to consult with an ophthalmologist or a specialist to check out your concerns and get the right lens accordingly.


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