Adrafinil Review: A Supplement for Wakefulness and Focus
Tuesday, 26 March 2019

 Mental health has never been more important than it is in our modern age. We are exposed to so many stressors and factors that contribute to mental fatigue and impaired cognitive functioning almost on a daily basis.

 There are numerous things that people are advised to do in order to improve their mental well-being. Those range from long-term solutions, like lifestyle changes -- to short-term fixes, like taking supplements or medications.

Adrafinil is one of the most prominent over-the-counter supplements that many young and old people are taking to enhance their mental performance. So let us learn a little more about this supplement and what it can be useful for.

What is adrafinil?

Discovered in France about half a century ago, adrafinil is a synthetic stimulant substance that enhances wakefulness, attention, alertness and focus. It also has a minor antidepressant effect and can be used to improve mood.

Adrafinil was studied for the treatment of narcolepsy: a neurological disorder that causes poor sleep quality leading to daytime sleepiness and fatigue.

Studies found that adrafinil gets metabolized in the body and converted into modafinil, and that the latter compound is the one responsible for its pharmacological effects.

Since modafinil proved to be more effective than adrafinil, it was chosen as the mainstream medication for the treatment of narcolepsy. Adrafinil on the other hand became more popular as an off-label stimulant used by night shift workers and other people who want to combat fatigue and boost their energy and concentration.

Because it is not regulated or controlled, adrafinil became one of the top used OTC nootropics, aka cognitive enhancers.

What are the benefits of adrafinil?

There have not been many clinical studies that thoroughly investigated the effects and benefits of adrafinil. But as a nootropic supplement, it has been reported to have the following effects:
  • Makes you feel less tired and more energetic.
  • Increases focus and attention.
  • Promotes better mood.
  • Increases motivation.
The effectiveness of adrafinil can remarkably vary for each individual, and some consumers who took it did not achieve the desired results.

Where is adrafinil sold?

There are many manufacturers and distributors of adrafinil located in the USA, Europe and other countries. Most of the vendors that sell this nootropic and others operate online, and usually deliver worldwide.

Adrafinil is available as powder or standard 300mg capsules, and you can buy it from several reliable vendors, like the ones featured on

One important thing you should check before you buy adrafinil from the Internet is if your country has any laws that prohibit buying or importing such supplements. Customs in some countries may require extra paperwork to allow shipments of supplements to be admitted.

Is adrafinil a safe product?

Adrafinil is considered to be generally safe if consumed in normal amounts, which range from 100mg up to a total of 1,200mg a day for adults.

There are no major side effects, although in some cases there may be mild adverse effects, such as headache and nausea.

Experts recommend that adrafinil should only be taken when needed, not every day. If you are looking for a daily nootropic supplement that is good for long-term use, then this probably isn't a good choice for you. Instead, you should consider one of the many natural or herbal nootropics, and that's another topic you are free to research about.
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