Adult Braces Options: 8 Things to Know About Getting Adult Braces

Has your dentist told you that you could benefit from getting braces? Keep reading to see all of your adult braces options.

Are you looking for adult braces options?

Braces often are best put on a person when they’re still young. They can get it removed sooner and they have more time to adjust. Some people, however, aren’t able to get braces while young because of financial, social, or physical limitations.
This often leads to a lot of adults having crooked smiles and askew jawlines. In these cases, adults believe they’re out of options and decide to live with their imperfections.
We’re here to tell you it’s not too late.
There’s still a way for you to get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted and it’s with the help of adult braces. People often hesitate to get these because they’re unfamiliar with the aspect of getting braces as adults.
Read on for an interesting read about getting braces for adults.
1. Discomfort for the First Few Weeks
Getting braces as an adult will subject you to some discomfort during the first few weeks of wearing them. For instance, your mouth will feel weak in the first few hours and the slightest pressure will cause your teeth to hurt.
Even the process of putting the brackets on will be an ordeal to go through. Though, in this case, it’s because the application tends to take long. You can expect to sit on the chair for at least 2 hours while the brackets get put on one by one.
Though, you should know the pain won’t last long. In around 2 days, your teeth should have adjusted and you won’t feel as much pain. You should only have slight discomfort from your mouth getting used to the metal inside.
A few days later and you won’t even remember the pain you used to have!
2. You’re Not Alone
The main reason why people don’t look for adult braces options is that they think society will treat them as a different person when they do. Most people think only children should have braces, not adults.
What they don’t know is that among the 4.5 million people with braces on today, 20% of them are adults aged 20-35. You don’t realize it but you see adults with braces more often than you think. The only reason you don’t notice it is because there’s nothing out of place about it.
Having braces as an adult is normal and comes often stems from necessity. Medical reasons are, after all, the most common reason why people end up getting braces later on.
3. Necessary Adjustments Will Cause Aches
After getting your braces applied, your dentist will remind you to return after 2 weeks or so. This is for cleaning your braces of anything which may have gotten stuck around them. They may also adjust your braces every time they ask you to come back.
Adjustments are a necessary step in having braces. This is to allow your teeth to get pulled to where they should be. Over time, this will result in a perfect smile.
Most people become alarmed after their first adjustment. Often, it’s because they hurt yet again. You should know it’s normal for them to hurt after every adjustment you go through.
The pain only means the process is working. It puts a lot of pressure and strain on your teeth so they fall into place.
There’s no need for you to worry about the pain you experience. The pain should fade away on the next day or two.
4. You’ll Have Some Trouble Talking
You should expect that braces will impact your speech patterns to some degree. For the most part, it’s because your lips won’t get used to accommodating the metal brackets resting below them. This results in slurred S sounds and lisp.
Not to worry though, you should get used to the metal brackets after the first month of having braces. You should notice you’ll start sounding better after that.
5. Eating and Dental Hygiene Is Also a Challenge
The biggest challenge you’ll face while wearing braces is eating. At first, you’ll notice you won’t be able to eat what you eat on the regular. The pain of having a new application of braces will make you unable to bite down on even the softest of foods.
After a while, the challenge becomes finding food that won’t be detrimental to your brackets. Certain foods like nuts, hard candies, gum, and even taffy can cause your brackets to break off from your teeth. When this happens, the adjustment period resets and you have to have them put back on again.
Even cleaning out your teeth will be hard for you. Working around the brackets will be difficult without a specialized inter-dental brush to get between them. Flossing will also be challenging as the wires will block them.
Don’t worry, though. Your dentist can do the deep cleaning for you while you have braces on.
6. Expect Delays in Removing Your Braces
There may be situations where you’ll become delayed in having your braces removed. For instance, you may have a wisdom tooth which prevents your teeth from setting. Situations like these may add a couple of months to the duration of your time.
You shouldn’t despair though, they’re an essential step of the process of getting the perfect smile.
7. Smoothies and Lip Balm Will Be Your Best Friends
As you know, having braces won’t be an easy ordeal. There are some things which can make your time with braces on easier, though.
For example, lip balm will be a crucial part of your comfort in the first few weeks. This is because you’ll find it hard to moisten your lips with the new brackets on. Keep a stick on your person to avoid dry and chapped lips.
Smoothies will also be a blessing during these times. With chewing being a painful chore, drinking smoothies is the next best way to get nutrients in your body.
8. Feeling Good Before and After Having Them Removed
After the pain subsides, you’ll start feeling good about the choice you made. It’s a choice to better your self-image and your physique. You’ll be able to feel relief instead of regret as the time to remove them comes closer.
Once you have them removed, you’ll see the fruits of your patience. You won’t even remember what you looked like before you had braces. Instead, you’ll find yourself greeted with someone with a perfect smile in the mirror.
Now, all that’s left to do is to put a retainer on. This is to keep the shape of your teeth in place while they set. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any pain from this point on.
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