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Answers to the Top Queries about Starting HCG Diet
Tuesday, 06 March 2018

So, you want to start your HCG diet and lose weight? You must be pondering over a lot of questions about this diet program. So, here we are with the answers to the frequently asked questions about starting the HCG diet. Read on, to clear most of your doubts, if not all, about the starting phase of the HCG diet programme.

HCG Diet


Is HCG for males too?

Yes of course! In fact, the HCG hormone is found beneficial in improving testosterone level in males. So, you cannot only lose weight but also see an improvement in your sexual health by opting for the HCG diet.

Will I really need to eat lots of foods to begin my weight loss through the HCG programme?

Yes! The first phase of HCG diet program is the loading phase in which you need to consume as much calorie as you can. This is to ensure that you have sufficient amount of stored fat to be utilized by HCG during the phase when you’ll be consuming 500-calorie restricted diet. You do not need to worry about extra weight gain as the loading phase ends only 2 or 3 days, not more than that.

What food will I be eating during the loading days?

There’s no such restricted food list for the loading days. You only need to be sure that you are eating calorie dense food items. The simple formula will be to eat ‘bad foods’ for weight loss. Whatever you have heard as bad food till date will be a good choice for the loading phase.

Can I start the diet if I’ve been fallen sick recently?

When you are starting a diet plan, it would be good if your body is focused only on weight loss rather than recovering from ill health. So, it would be suggested to wait until you are back to the healthy position. And, it would also be good if you take your doctor’s suggestion before starting HCG or any other diet for the matter.

I can’t handle injections, is there any other way to take HCG?

Although HCG diet programme was originally invented with injections today there are oral options like HCG drops and palates. They are not only painless but also the convenient way of giving your body the dose of HCG hormones. You can check the link for more information.

When do I begin to take my HCG diet drop?

The first loading day is the starting of your HCG diet programme. So, you’ll need to take your HCG drop in the morning, as prescribed, and then start your loading phase. This ensures that the hormone enters the system and starts working effectively by the time you start your low-calorie diet phase.

Do menstrual cycles have to do anything with starting the HCG diet?

Hormonal fluctuations are very common during the menstrual cycle so it is not recommended to add the extra HCG hormone to your body during your periods. Wait until your periods get over and start your loading phase at least 5 days before your next cycle begins.

How much extra weight do I need to gain during the loading phase?

You don’t have to bother about the weight gain or weight loss during the loading phase. Your only aim in those two days should be to consume more and more calorie dense foods. You may typically see a gain of two to five pounds during the loading days but it is not necessary.

What if I lose weight during the loading phase?

A weight loss during the loading phase can give you a shock but if you have followed the protocol strictly you don’t need to worry about weight loss or gain during this phase. The percentage is very low but there are persons who have lost weight during the loading phase. Focus on following the protocol religiously and you don’t need to worry.

What if I don’t eat enough during the loading phase? 

The loading phase has been designed to give you the maximum benefit of HCG weight loss programme. If you don’t consume enough on your loading days you’ll not get the weight-loss benefits to the full extent. In addition to this, you may see some side-effects like irritability, hunger pangs, nausea and weakness in the first week of your low-calorie diet phase. You need to take the loading phase seriously!

Won’t I feel starved when I suddenly go on a low-calorie diet after eating so much in the loading phase?

No! In fact, you’ll get this feeling when you don’t load up yourself well during the loading phase. This is the place where HCG hormone comes into the picture. If you follow the diet without the HCG drops you’ll certainly get starved and see lots of bad effects on your body. The HCG hormone utilizes the stored fat to give you energy and not let you feel hungry. 

When do I start weighing myself?

You can and should start weighing yourself daily on the very first day of the loading phase. To get the true picture you need to weigh yourself every morning, ideally at the same time. You should make a spreadsheet for noting down your weight on daily basis. Weigh yourself before taking the HCG drop or starting your loading phase. 

Can I workout during the loading days? 

The HCG diet programme does not need you to workout in order to lose weight. If you workout regularly, you can keep on doing the exercise in your loading days if you wish. But, don’t take this habit beyond this line; you are not recommended to exercise during the low-calorie consumption phase.

Can I start my HCG diet on my own?

You can order your HCG drops online, each HCG medication comes with detailed protocol to be followed and there are lots of online resources to tell you everything about HCG diets. But, then also you should undergo this programme with an expert supervisor because this is a medically designed weight-loss programme that needs to be supervised closely.
Hope all your HCG related doubts are clear now!
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