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Answers to Top Questions About Dental Implants
Thursday, 08 April 2021

Do you have the questions related to dental implants? Get the answers you need to know if the procedure suits your smile.

Per the professionals at Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem, a dental implant, unlike filling the decay or using a cap on the decayed tooth, provides an implant from the very root of the tooth for a secure attachment.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts. inserted inside your mouth and are covered with a crown that’s shaped to fill in the spot that was left bare where a tooth or multiple teeth broke or fell out. It is sturdy and will function just like a normal tooth. When these dental implants bond to bone, an abutment, which is a connector, is joined to the implant to hold the artificial tooth or teeth properly.

Do teeth implants last a long time?

If you get expert dental implants in Townsville the implants can easily last for a number of years without being put in any danger that may arise from normal dental health issues. However, they need regular oral care along with scheduled check-ups from the doctor, to keep them stable and strong.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

You are a candidate for dental implants if you are missing a tooth, many teeth, or all of your teeth.

Do I need dental implants if I have full dentures or partial dentures?

The implants are usually used to shield and support partial and full dentures, irrespective of whether the denture is removable or fixed.

Why are dental implants preferred today?

Whenever you ask both dentists and patients to suggest the best choice for tooth restoration for missing teeth, they always suggest dental implants. The dental implants are surgical methods that are used to fix teeth that will work as the root of the teeth and mount for the artificial replacement of your teeth. Usually dental implants are suggested over both dentures and bridges for the below mentioned reasons:
  • More comfortable
  • Stays stable and secure
  • Will not slip or fall out during wear
  • Completely restores capability to eat and talk
  • Improves facial appearance
  • Last longer than other 2 methods
What’s involved in placing dental implants?

Nowadays, there are limited different methods that dentists employ with regards to tooth repairs. Treatment of each patient is contingent on her or his dental wants and personal liking. In some cases, the whole dental implant procedure may require a few diverse processes over numerous months. In the simpler circumstances, patients can select same day implants that propose full ease and instant outcomes. If you are not suitable for the same day implants, have a look at the lengthier placement process:

1. The dentist fits an implant in to the jaw bone surgically and then waits nearly 3 months for it to completely fuse to bone.
2. When it has fused to bone, the dentist fixes an extension and waits a few more months for gums to settle over.
3. After it has settled, the crown is fixed to the implant’s extension, and you are then left with a big smile.

Are dental implants taken out like regular dentures?

No, the implants are connected to jaw bone by surgical methods.
Can I get affordable dental implants, and are they covered by insurance plans?
Usually the charges of replacing a single tooth with a dental implant are similar to the charges of using the regular fixed bridge.

What is the success rate of tooth implants?

As said by the implant dentists, people with healthy teeth and great oral habits have a success rate up to 95 percent.
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