Attic Pest Control: 3 Pests That Might Be Hiding in Your Attic and How to Get Rid of Them

 Think you might have an animal in the attic? It's time to buff up your attic pest control. Here are 3 pests that might be in your attic and how to get them out.


 It's the middle of the night, you're lying in bed, and eyes wide open. You heard it again, the sound of scurrying and chewing. It's been gnawing at you, literally.

You're pretty sure there's an animal in your attic.

Is it a bird? A rat? Possibly a raccoon?

If this is your nightly routine, you aren't alone. A recent survey concluded that a whopping 84% of homeowners experienced their own pest problem in the last year. 

When it comes to pests in your attic, pest control is the only way to go. In this article, we're diving into the most common attic pests and how to get rid of them. You'll see that there's nothing to fear but a sense of security to gain.

Grab your traps, we're getting started! 

Attic Pest Control Options

We know a home isn't really a home without a pet, but the animals we're talking about are far from pets. When they're wreaking havoc in your attic, damaging your home's structural integrity, and chewing on wires, some animals are plane old pests. Let's find out how to get rid of the top three pests who made your attic their home. 

1. Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are a very common problem to have. You can often hear them scurrying in walls through their tunnels at night. They can gain access to your home in the tiniest of holes and are best captured (and killed) through mouse traps or rat poison. 

After the mice and rats are dead and gone, you'll likely have a major mess on your hands. Rodent infestation leaves behind a large amount of feces droppings which is very harmful to humans and can lead to disease. It's best to call on a professional attic cleaning service that will clean up and eliminate any sign of a rodent infestation. You can learn about this service here. 

2. Squirrel

If most of the attic pest sounds occur in the early morning and evening, it's possible you have a squirrel on your hands. They chew their way through anything and everything and often make a chew toy out of your electrical.

The best thing to do is capture them using a squirrel trap and relocating them far away outside.  

3. Bats 

Bats don't often don't make much noise in small numbers so you might sense them in your home through the pungent odor of their feces--it accumulates quickly. Like, rodent feces, it poses a major health threat. 

It's possible to remove a single bat DIY style using gloves, a net, or a towel, but please exercise extreme caution. If you have a colony on your hands, it's best to call animal control or a pest company. 

Don't forget to seal up any holes made by these pests so the only way they're getting back in is with a rent check.

Stay in the Know

Now that you know all about the possible animals living in your attic and how to go about attic pest control, you can get back to enjoying a good night's sleep.
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