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Basic Guide To How A CPAP Machine Works
Wednesday, 02 December 2020

 Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder experienced by so many individuals today. Not only does this affect the sufferer themselves, but also those who sleep in the same room with them. Fortunately, technology isn’t blind to this as there are now gadgets in place that aim to combat sleep apnea. One of these is what’s known as the CPAP machine.

 CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. The CPAP machine is made to help provide air passage to the patient's mouth, which is vital in treating respiratory problems. Without this apparatus, the patient may have difficulty breathing and could even suffer serious consequences from this problem. This is how serious sleep apnea can get.

If you’ve long wondered about how the CPAP machine really works, this article gives you some insights.

The Parts Of A CPAP Machine
When it comes to the CPAP machine itself, it has many parts that have been designed to work together for optimal performance. By learning about these parts, a person will have an easier time understanding how to properly use this machine in their home.
  • Mask - One of the most important pieces is the mask itself. This is what will keep the patient's face from being exposed to moisture, which can be caused by their breath. A properly installed mask should prevent a person from inhaling any moisture while using the machine; otherwise, they may not be able to breathe comfortably. More so, as you begin to use a CPAP machine, you should also learn how to fix CPAP mask leak, just in case, one night, you’re confronted with this problem.
  • Tubing - Another part of the CPAP machine is the tubing, which connects the mask to the machine. Tubing should be checked regularly to ensure that it’s running properly. If there are any problems with this part, the CPAP machine may not be able to work properly, and a person may end up having a bad night of sleep. This is one area where a person should feel free to be as concerned as they wish when they use this device.
  • Pump - Another piece of this machine is the pump. This is a device used to help force the air through the tubing when the machine is working properly. The pump is made up of different materials, but the material that’s commonly used is acrylic tube. This tube is made out of a thin plastic material, which is usually colored to make it easier for people to identify it.
  • Humidifier - The CPAP machine also comes with a humidifier. This is used to help maintain the correct amount of moisture inside the tubing and in the machine. It will also help prevent the machine from overheating, which can cause the tubing to leak or get damaged.
A CPAP Machine Can’t Be Replaced By An Oxygen Machine
It’s wrong to think that a CPAP machine works exactly like an oxygen machine. These two are very different from each other, as the former doesn’t generate oxygen. What it merely does is to pressurize the outside air, and then deliver it through a tube to the airway.
However, while different, a striking similarity between both is that these two machines are only available by prescription. You can’t use these on your own accord, such as for recreational activities or athletic training.
For It To Work, You Need To Find A Proper Place To Put It
One of the challenges with a CPAP machine is you have to use it while you’re sleeping. Hence, for it to work as accurately and as well as it should, it’s very important for you to position this properly. Otherwise, your sleep will also feel uncomfortable.
A good space for you to put your CPAP machine should meet the following characteristics:
  • It should provide a stable base for it to support the machine.
  • The space should foster an unobstructed ability to turn on the device, add water to the humidifier, and open the filter compartment with ease.
  • The space should allow the hose to reach the head of the bed.
  • And, most importantly, it should be in a nearby outlet so you can easily plug the machine.
The Way That The CPAP Machine Works
The main key player in the CPAP machine is the mask that connects to the airway of the person wearing it, so that pressurized air that’s blown through the nose or mouth during sleep can be transported.
When a person is in a complete state of sleep, the relaxed muscles that are blocking the airways are limp. It's only through breathing in the pressurized air that these airways are opened.
It’s Very Important To Check The Filter
A CPAP machine comes with its own replaceable filter. But, not all CPAP machines are the same as the filter will depend on the specifications of your CPAP machine. This has to be placed inside the small component, where the filter is meant to fit snugly. It’s your sleep technician that can give you the specific details on what you should do to maintain and keep your CPAP’s filter in good condition.

The Benefits Of A CPAP Machine
Apart from helping you manage your sleep apnea, there are many other benefits that a CPAP machine can do. Some of these are:
  • Increased energy
  • Improved overall health
  • Improved movement
  • Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Better sleep quality
Sleep apnea is more than just a sleeping disorder. In fact, doctors have classified it as a respiratory problem because of how one’s breathing stops. This happens when the airway at the throat’s rear area becomes blocked during sleep. For sleep apnea patients, their primary recourse is through a machine known as CPAP.
Perhaps, you may have been advised by your doctor to use a CPAP machine and have long wondered how to go about it. The information you’ve learned above can give you more confidence on how to use and maximize the benefits of a CPAP machine. Anyone should know the important details of the CPAP machine so that they can use it accurately all the time.
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