Best Sleep Positions for Improved Overall Health
Saturday, 25 April 2020

Some people fall asleep enviably fast, and all they need to do is to touch down on their Grandin Road and they are off to dreamland. Whereas, a good number of us will have to summon various sleep positions to find that one spot that will take us to slumberland. Well if you are here then you must be wondering, which is the best position to fall into deep sleep easily while taking care of one’s overall health. We did some digging and below we share our findings, read on. 

Sideways- most of us get into bed and immediately assume a sideways position. The above is a good position because it comes attached with some health-enhancing benefits; for example, by sleeping on your side there are little chances of you snoring, your blood flow is enhanced and you inadvertently avoid gastric reflux. 
When we talk about sleeping on the sides, there are two sides, the right, and the left side, so which one is the best. Well, this can be a head-scratcher but don’t let it bother you. If you are to sleep on your sides ensure that you alternate to help distribute the weight and alleviate the one-sided pressure. Sleeping continuously on one side of your body does have medical implications that you will want to avoid by all means necessary such as kidney stones.

Sleep on your stomach

To this point it is obvious that different age groups have different suitable sleeping positions. Sleeping on the belly can only work for toddlers as it helps reduce the chances of choking. But for the older people, when you sleep on your belly, you tend to exert a lot of pressure on your articulation and muscles. 
This position becomes even harder when you are using a puffed up pillows because your neck gets strained, and you will have to scamper for breath as your find the best position for your nose, away from the pillow. There are so many negative health conditions that could arise from this sleeping position, two of the most critical being cervical and lumbar. However, if you insist on this position then try n get a firm mattress, use a flat fiber pillow and be sure to make a lot of turns. 
Sleeping on your back
This is the million-dollar position that will also impact your health positively. The position has been determined to alleviate sleep apnea and snoring. And when combined with a stable mattress then users can forget the visits to the doctor because of the back or neck pains. Sleeping on your back ensures that the weight of your body is evenly distributed, it is thus a healthy position for your spine and in the long run it helps reduce acid reflux
The fetal position
This has to be the cutest sleeping position being all curled up in innocent slumber but subtly damaging your body organs. Yes! You read that right, the fetal position will have you contracting arthritis and your thoracic cage will barely be able to inflate, meaning that your breathing will also be affected. 
Remember that in this position your spine has been curled along with your body, so technically you are in a bent position. Your neck, on the other hand, is curved and your knees will experience tightness along with your leg when you try to stretch out. If this is your favorite position you are not completely discouraged from using it, only that you might have to get a pillow and put it between your legs to distribute the weight load and balance your whole torso. 
You will also need another pillow for the neck, remember that the area between your neck and your shoulder is hanging and this can be very uncomfortable apart from the fact that it has other negative health impacts. 
Important to note is that you should stop sleeping with your hands raised way above your shoulders because this position constricts the nerves and the veins. Any time you assume this position you will notice that your arms become numb and your shoulders tend to get burdened making it harder for you to get up. 
Also, ensure that you invest in a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft because you will end up sleep-deprived and restless. Besides, there are some suitable positions for individuals suffering from lower back pains, which are not any different than the ones discussed above but do feature some modification. 
For example, you could sleep on the front with a pillow under your hips and stomach, the whole idea here is to enhance spinal alignment, you will, therefore, proceed to place a slim pillow under your stomach and hips. For the head however, it’s entirely up to you as you have the option of either using one or doing away with it altogether. 
For people experiencing lower back pains, you could put a pillow between your knees as you sleep, the whole idea behind the pillow being inserted between the legs is so that you can achieve some form of balance and alignment from your hips right up to the pelvis and lastly to the spine. 
You could also sleep on your back but with knee support, and here you will, have to place a pillow underneath your knees for additional support and to help ensure that the natural curve of the spine is not distorted. This position as discussed above ensures that your full body weight is distributed, and there is an effective alignment right from the head through the neck and eventually to the spine 
Sleep on the front but ensure that your head is facing down, remember that as you sleep on the front, your head is positioned to one side. This position is quite dangerous for teens and adults alike because it twists the spine, and burdens your neck, shoulders and back. So, to correctly benefit from this position, first put a pillow under your belly, and if you have a small firm pillow you could use it to prop your forehead up a little bit thus giving you room for breathing.  
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