Breathe Easy: The Top Natural Remedies for Asthma
Friday, 14 June 2019

 Are you sick of your asthma symptoms getting the best of you? If so, check out this guide to learn the top natural remedies for asthma.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 8 percent of Americans suffer from asthma. This figure rises every year. In fact, the costs associated with this condition amounts to an average of $50 billion every year.

One way of cutting these costs while treating the asthma symptoms is by utilizing natural remedies for asthma.   

Are you sick of your asthma symptoms getting the best of you?

Check out this guide to learn the top natural remedies for asthma.

1. Omega Fatty Acids

Arachidonic acid (a type of fat produced by the body and also found in certain foods such as meats) is the primary cause of inflammation of the bronchial system in individuals with asthma.

Omega-3 fatty acids work against this acid as it contains active ingredients such as the eicosapentaenoic acid. Fish contains abundant amounts of these fatty acids to relieve you of the symptoms of asthma.

2. Butterbur

Another natural anti-inflammatory remedy is the perennial Butterbur shrub. This plant contains high quantities of isopetasin and petasin which counter the inflammation caused to the bronchial system for people with asthma.

It, thus, provides great relief from pain and general discomfort for asthmatic patients.

3. Quality Sleep

Some patients experience asthma attacks and heightened discomfort at night. Nocturnal asthma is allergy-induced asthma whose remedy is quality sleep.
Quality sleep can result from relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. 

You can also consider switching off all distractions such as mobile phones to allow your brain to attain deep sleep.

4. Boswellia (Salai Guggul)

In an asthma attack, the breathing airways become narrow, making it hard to breathe. One of the chemicals that causes this phenomenon is the leukotriene chemical.

To counteract the effects of leukotrienes, Boswellia serves as a natural remedy in pill form. The pills should be taken according to your doctor’s prescription.

5. Buteyko Breathing Technique

The Buteyko breathing technique entails shallow breathing routines that aim at increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. The carbon dioxide dilates the smooth muscles of the breathing system, thus opening the airways for better breathing.

This technique requires expert advice to attain the intended results. Done wrongly, it can worsen asthma.

6. Fruits and Leafy Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals which help in asthma prevention. In fact, adults who had a low intake of fruits and vegetables show higher levels of asthma attacks.

Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms With Natural Remedies for Asthma

Most of these natural remedies for asthma don’t cost anything beyond your normal household budget. For example, the inclusion of fruits in your diet doesn’t blow up your budget much. And, given that they serve as replacements for red meat in the diet, the difference in costs will be unnoticeable.

As you get your natural remedies for this disease, make it a priority to share this information with others in a similar situation.
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