Children’s Weight Loss Program in Louisville

When your doctor tells you about the high BMI of your childit may be confusing, and many parents don’t know how to fix it.Modern America is observing a lifestyle that seeks convenient, easy food options over healthy, nutritious food and exercise due to the fast pace of life and time restrictions.According to research conducted in a 2015-2016 survey, every 1 out of 5 school age children and young people are facing obesity issues in the USA. The main factors that contribute to childhood obesity are:

  • Genetics
  • Body Metabolism
  • Physical and eating activities
  • Short sleep durations
  • Negative psychological childhood events
  • Community
Are you looking for a solution?
The solution, as least for some children, is a proper weight loss program.
But most of the weight loss programs for children are too expensive, that is why people get a little confused and worried. But the ultimate solution for your child’s obesity is a children’s weight loss program by Weigh Less Louisville.
The weight loss program by WeighLess Louisville is a system designed in Europe around all natural and sustainable weight loss. This Louisville weight loss program is not about injections, pills, or surgery. Weigh Less Louisville children’s weight loss program promotes a healthy lifestyle in children to help them reach their goals. The main emphasize of the program is to deal with all possible issues related to the health and the psychology of your child that can be damaged by obesity.
It is a fact that obesity steals the fun and excitement from your child’sjunior yearsand he may become the victim of teasing and bullying. Not only teasing, but an obese child may also suffer from high blood pressure, early heart disease, bone problems, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
Weigh Less Louisville knows that there is no cookie-cutter solutionand that every child’s needs are different. Weigh Less Louisville designs diet and exercise plans for each kid, keeping these points in mind.
The aim of the program is to ensure the seamless treatment of obesity by providing an effective diet control program and good life choices that can easily become part of your child’s daily routine for the rest of their life. Weigh Less Louisville also offers motivational sessions that help children understand the importance of being healthy and gives encouragement towards natural weight loss.
Weigh Less Louisville:
This Louisville weight lossclinic was established by Jeff Rosum and David Seastedt. The company’s headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky. Weigh Less Louisville offers the latest weight loss programs with the latest up to date dietary plans, technologies, and fitness models in Louisville.
Every patient is special and needs a unique kind of treatment for weight loss. The trained and efficient staff works with the patient to achieve their dream of losing weight and helps them feel healthy and best.
For further details about Weigh Less Louisville, please visit You can also catch us on several social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
You can visit Weight Less Louisville:
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