Concierge Physicians – An Emerging Trend in Today’s Healthcare Provision

Lots of people are irked with the way healthcare practitioners provide services. It’s can be tasking to schedule an appointment, and when one is finally set up, one has to be remanded in a waiting room for an extended period before attention.

Sadly, this is just the beginning of a tiring process. In a similar fashion, a patient has to wait for a nurse to collect personal information, who will then forward it to a doctor while the waiting continues.

Once the doctor finally arrives, it’s obvious he’s trying to get a lot of things done in the shortest time possible. Typically, the doctor then avails himself to listen and diagnose medical conditions with just about half attention, providing prescriptions within a short timeframe a patient is booked for.

Evidently, it is easy to realize that well-trained physicians are constantly in high demand and they need to attend to so many patients that require their services.
While the payment structure offered on services provided is okay, some doctors are making exemptions to the norm by providing services on a contract basis. This financial model may be considered more expensive to a few, but clients get to benefit from this model by having a practicing physician that has fewer clients to attend to.

A contract, or "concierge" physician, usually does not accept insurance, unless special treatments like MRI or a biopsy is offered. Although services rendered are charged differently from one location to the other, the yearly contract for a patient ranges between $1,500 and $15,000. The average yearly cost for such contracts is around $6,000. These fees charged covers all kind of services a patient may require throughout the year.

Evidently, concierge physicians are paid more if the payment structure is compared with the conventional doctor, hence it allows these physicians to provide services to just a handful of clients.

How does securing a pricey concierge physician contract translate into a better health care experience one may ask? Firstly, a concierge physician has more time on his/her hands to provide services while listening with rapt attention. Furthermore, if the service of a more specialized physician is required, a concierge physician accompanies the patient for such appointments. This is crucial because it cancels any feeling of uncertainty when in the company of a private healthcare provider.
While a specialist may use highly technical language in communication during the appointment, confusion can be averted when a concierge physician accompanies a patient. Complex medical terms can be easily explained by the physician imbuing greater confidence in the medical exercise. Furthermore, concierge doctors are renowned for accompanying patients to emergency wards to ensure patients are well attended to, and that great care is taken into consideration in time-sensitive issues.

The merits of choosing a concierge physician far outweigh the cost if it falls within one’s financial capability. For anyone that makes frequent visits to the hospital or is not covered by a medical insurance, money can be saved in the long-term by hiring a concierge physician.
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