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COVID-19 Vaccination Benefits and Misconceptions
Friday, 11 June 2021

Since its arrival on the global stage, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost every aspect of our lives: healthcare, travel, business, and education. The vaccination drive has given us hope of life returning to normal soon. The ambitious drive undertaken is already bearing fruit, with a significant decline in the daily cases and deaths across the US. Thanks to the efforts of the scientific community, US government agencies and pharmacy assistance, the vaccination drive has garnered great momentum.

According to figures released by CNBC, approximately 49% of the US population had received at least one vaccine shot as of May 31, with 39% were fully vaccinated. The symptoms are much more severe among people who have not received even the first vaccine shot, say experts at MediServ Pharmacy, a leading pharmacy located in Bronx. They go onto saying that if you have symptoms, it is a good idea to undergo the COVID-19 antigen test at a good compounding pharmacy in New York, which and get the test reports in 15 minutes.


COVID-19 Vaccination Benefits

The COVID-19 immunization program has had an important role in containing the spread of the Coronavirus. According to data provided by the CDC from 47 US states, just 353 fatalities have been reported out of 123 million people who have been vaccinated as of May 17, 2021, demonstrating the efficacy of the vaccine program.
The pandemic continues to rage on and might harm your health if you are not vaccinated. Some of the benefits of the vaccination are:

Reduces Risk of Infection

When you are vaccinated, your body begins to produce antibodies that help your immune system fight the infection. As and when the majority of the population will receive the shots, the risk of community transmission will be greatly reduced.

Beneficial for Unborn Babies

Are you pregnant and concerned for the health of the unborn? Recent research has shown that pregnant women who receive the vaccine pass on the antibodies to their newborns, providing natural immunity to the babies. For more information on pregnancy-related issues, consult the best pharmacy in Bronx, NY.

Prevents Severe Illness

According to research, vaccines may help prevent severe Covid-19-related illnesses and fatalities. Those who become infected despite receiving the shots experience only minor symptoms and recover quickly.

Help in Leading Normal Life

Craving to get back to normal life? Following vaccination, you can move around safely, though precautions must be taken. However, you can meet your vaccinated friends and family members without wearing the mask, which is a step toward normalcy.

COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Ever since the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, there has been a lot of misinformation surrounding the program and its impact on human health. The best medical supply stores in the Bronx have qualified pharmacists to help dispel your doubts. Some of the misconceptions are:

Unsafe For Women

It is not safe for women who want to conceive now or in the future. This is completely a false statement. The vaccine does not prevent women from becoming pregnant, nor does it cause any fertility issues.

The Vaccine Makes People Sick

You will not become ill as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine. In some cases, a small number of people experienced minor vaccination side effects. However, these side effects are transient and have no long-term effects. Serious side effects are reported in a negligible section of the population.
Vaccines have a clear advantage in protecting people from infection. However, in addition to the vaccine, the medical supply stores in NYC have gloves, masks, sanitizers, and other personal protective equipment to safeguard you from contracting the disease.
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