Delta-8 THC and CBD - What is The Difference?
Thursday, 12 November 2020

There is a great hype about the Delta-8 CBD, a unique chemical substance found within the cannabis plant. It showcases excellent advantages along with psychotropic effects. It can successfully satisfy many users' cravings appropriately.

Scientists discovered in 1974 that the effects of Delta 8 are as a non-harmful compound after testing it several times on mice. Right in the same year, the experts also found that this one might have cancer-killing attributes profitable for the patients. So, no wonder that there is great hype about this product in the market.
But is this product similar to the CBC oil for pain available in the market? Well, there are clear distinctions that make these products quite dissimilar from each other. However, since these are derived from the plant species, they also have some similarities.

About Delta-8

Delta-8 happens to be the minor compound, which is also a weaker version of THC. It is a form of cannabinoid which is majorly present in low concentrations in cannabis plants. As the hemp plants' concentration is quite limited, the producers utilize artificial human-made manufacturing methods.
Delta-8 is prepared through the oxidation process of the more potent derivative Delta-9 THC. The THC compounds are isolated, and hence the products are modified into Delta-8. Just like the parent product, this one also showcases psychoactive effects on the user. Even the research studies depict that this one is an excellent choice for depression, pain, anxiety, and people battling with poor appetite conditions.

About CBD

CBD refers to cannabidiol, which is also the second most leading compound present in hemp plants. And the one compound that is prevalently found in the hemp plant is THC. It is widely used for patients suffering from different body pains and inflammatory conditions. As it has non-psychoactive properties, one cannot get high due to this compound's consumption.

Delta-8 vs. CBD

So, by now, you got a fair idea that both CBD and Delta-8 have few similar properties. But they also differ in a few other ways; one of the major is the psychoactive effects. So, here are some differences between these two compounds for your reference:

Euphoric Property

CBD fails to show any euphoric effects, unlike Delta-8. As Delta-8 is just like a little sibling of Delta-9 THC as the former one shows weaker psychoactive effects.
Also, CBD doesn’t make any consumer feel high as it binds quite lightly with the neurotransmitters in the endocannabinoid system. But Delta-8 shows euphoric effects as it strikes stronger chemical bonds with CB-1 neurotransmitters present in the body.


The researchers have been studying the health benefits of CBD products for quite a time now. And according to the studies, CBD induces relaxation, stimulates appetite, sleep, reduces stress, and even improves memory in its consumers. On the other hand, Delta-8 produces an additional euphoria feeling along with these functions like CBD.

Legal Status

CBD and its associated industrial hemp products are legal nationwide. It is rightly protected under federal law, which is known as the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. Also, please do note that Delta-8 is also federally legal till THC content is as low as 0.3% and also naturally synthesized from the hemp plant. But it is considered to be a controlled substance. However, the laws might differ in separate states depending on the usage of the products.


CBD and its associated products are considered to be pretty safe for prolonged daily usage. However, it is recommended to be used in moderate dosages to avoid any hassles later. There are practically no side-effects yet reported for Delta-8. Hence, it is also referred to as the new game-changer in the market.

Final Verdict

So, CBD and Delta-8 are grabbing all the attention of the users across the global platform. No matter how different they are, they still exhibit excellent effects in controlling various pains and health conditions. However, as compared to the latter one, CBD products are more accessible for consumers. Which one do you prefer in your daily life?
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