Do I suffer from premature ejaculation?
Monday, 22 October 2018

Men love to boast, and they wouldn’t mention how frequently they experience premature ejaculation, if ever. However, this is a common problem, and there’s no reason why you should be scared if you experience this type of problem. In this article, you will learn what is premature ejaculation, how do you know whether you have this problem or not, and what might be causing it.

 Premature ejaculation is a rapid ejaculation or early climax, of course. It happens when the sexual climax comes sooner than expected, sometimes it is impossible to avoid, it comes as a surge you can’t control, and there you go. You didn’t last for more than 2 minutes, and your partner has not even started enjoying sex. No doubt why premature ejaculation severely impacts intimate relationships, especially if the same thing happens over and over again.

Now, sometimes you and your partner might feel you didn’t last enough time to enjoy sex, but that does not necessarily mean you’re a premature ejaculator. First off, you need to get realistic expectations, and know that it’s a normal thing to happen after a time… just not after one or two minutes. While there’s not a set time for enjoyable sex, it’s not normal to have an orgasm before starting to enjoy it, and sometimes even before intercourse begins.

If this is happening to you, it might be happening for a massive list of reasons. We have to set aside psychological and physical reasons why you might be ejaculating too soon. First off, it might be a common thing to happen if this is your first time when you’re extremely nervous or feel too aroused before sex. Visit for more

Among physical reasons for premature ejaculation, the most common is hyper sensibility in your glans, the tip of your penis. This is especially prevalent if you’re uncut and even more if this is your first sexual experience. Another physical explanation might be an imbalance in your sex hormones, but that’s not very common.
The main reason why sexually active men get to ejaculate too soon is external anxiety.

Either your work life or your economic situation might be causing this. This type of anxiety might strike you in two possible ways: decreasing your libido and forcing you to take Viagra and other solutions, or causing you to ejaculate too soon.

On the other hand, anxiety might be strongly related to the sexual act itself. Be extra careful with sexual anxiety because sometimes if you feel you’re not performing appropriately and think about it too much, it becomes even more likely to experience premature ejaculation over and over again as the performance anxiety builds up in a vicious cycle.

However, there are plenty of ways to control your premature ejaculations and help you last for a longer time. It all has to do with mind control, and it is not a supernatural thing. It’s pretty simple, straightforward, practical, and it will make sex more enjoyable. Stay tuned with us to get some of this tips and tricks and apply them to your sexual life.
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