Do You Have An Erratic Heartbeat Rhythm (Arrhythmia or palpitations)?

Ok, let’s not overcomplicate something that, in itself is a relatively simple issue.

What is a Heartbeat Arrhythmia?

In plain and simple terms it is an irregular heartbeat rhythm.
Let’s use an analogy.

It can be thought of like this.

Your car’s engine is timed to run smoothly, i.e. when the piston is at the top of the cylinder the fuel is ignited. If however, the timing is ‘out’ and the engine is firing at the wrong time, it will run erratically and cause many unnecessary problems.

Your heart functions in a similar way. There is even an electrical impulse (ignition spark) that makes it beat. But, just as with your car’s engine, if this spark is too early or too late, your heart will ‘run’ erratically. This can cause YOU many unnecessary problems.

So, what is the answer to this erratic heartbeat problem?

Simply to make your heart beat more rhythmically. Of course!

And just like with your car’s engine, you can also give your heart a ‘tune-up’.

How do you ‘tune’ your heart? You ask. It’s easy! You simply breathe in time to the beat, which accesses your Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA) response.

Yes, and you do not need special medical equipment, ECG’s, drugs, special exercise routines, or regular visits to your GP or hospital to do this either. In fact, you can sit in your favourite armchair at home and begin right now by using your fingers on a pulse point. And unless you are on heart control drugs for a serious heart condition, have a pacemaker fitted, or have some other undiagnosed heart condition, you could begin to experience measurable results instantly!
In trials, this totally natural technique has a 90% success rate.

Your RSA response is your Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia. It is the tendency for your heart to speed up and slow down in relation to your breathing. Using a controlled breathing technique, this speeding up and slowing down can be used to create a smooth heartbeat rhythm naturally and effortlessly!

So, whether you have real concerns about your erratic heartbeat (Arrhythmia), or just want to improve your health and fitness, try this free heartbeat rhythm test now. Watch this short video and get started today.
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