Effective Ways Employers Can Increase Happiness In The Workplace

 53% of the U.S. workforce are  currently unhappy in their job, according to The Conference Board. Lack of appreciation,  infrequent and poor training programs, and no vacation rights are three of the biggest reasons behind employee dissatisfaction. But rather than accepting that this is the way most workers feel, employers should actively make their workplace a happier and more productive environment. 

 Encourage vacations 

55% of U.S. workers failed to  use up all of their vacation days in 2018, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Two-thirds of employees say that vacations are rarely mentioned in their workplace and this creates the notion that vacations are frowned upon. Employers should encourage vacation days though, as research from The Project: Time Off found that employees that work for such a company are happier than those who work for businesses that discourage vacation days. 

Make safety a priority

EHS Today reports that one in seven employees don’t feel safe at work. Under  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) law, employers must provide safe working environments that are free from hazards and which conform to OSHA standards. Organizations should also have solid procedures in place to deal with workplace injuries as there are 2.8 million  non-fatal injuries in the workplace every year. Having suitable insurance in place, including workers’ compensation will prove to your employees that you take their health, safety, and overall welfare seriously, and this should instantly improve their feelings about your workplace.  Cerity backs this up, stating that: “Employers should always strive to foster a safe work environment that supports their employees’ comfort, health, and success.”

Promote workplace relationships

70% of workers state that friendships in the workplace are crucial for happiness. Yet, one in ten employees say they have no friends at work. To keep morale high among employees, employers should actively encourage positive relationships among their workers. Fun team building days are an effective way to do this. You could also hold regular team lunches where work talk is strictly off-limits as this will get people talking more openly. Introducing games such as two truths and a lie into meetings or even for the first five minutes of the day will help people to get to know each other too.

Happiness in the workplace is the key to retaining workers and running a productive business. So, it’s crucial that all employers take action to boost workplace satisfaction in a variety of fun and effective ways.
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