Ever Wondered How a Healthy Relationship Looks Like? Here’s How
Friday, 19 October 2018

 If you have had a string of bad relationships, then you may no longer believe that it is possible to have a healthy one. The truth is, there are people out there living their happily ever afterand they are not made-up characters living scripted lives. Before we get into what a healthy relationship looks like, it is important that you understand that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. 

 All couples have troubles. All relationships go through tests. It could be anything from financial challenges to terminal illnesses. Not to mention the strain distance can put on a relationship if you are in an LDR.

It is all about how you choose to handle the good times and hard times. So, if you have ever wondered what a healthy relationship looks like, there are signs of a healthy relationship.

1. Open communication

You have probably heard this so many times your head might explode if you hear it one more time. But the truth is that the value of open communication in a relationship is immeasurable. It is not simply about talking about each other’s day and office gossip. It is about getting vulnerable and truly letting each other in on what is going on in your minds and your hearts. 

2. Opening up about insecurities 

Even the healthiest relationships can have issues with insecurity. It could be that one of you has serious body image issues. Maybe someone has a troubled relationship past and is paranoid about getting cheated on. What sets successful couples apart is the fact that they are willing to talk about it and are sensitive about their partner’s soft spots every day. 

3. Mutual benefit and sacrifice

Relationships are about giving and taking. Healthy relationships are healthy because no one is giving too much or receiving too much. It’s that simple. 

4. The 3 –ships; partnership, friendship,and companionship

These 3 are the pillars that hold healthy relationships up. You need to be partners in that you are equal decision makers in all joint matters. The friendship aspect means that even when the butterflies in your stomach settle, you will still love your partner. Finally, companionship means always being there for each other through the good times, the bad times and the boring I-just-want-to-watch-TV-all-day times. 

5. There is space for individual growth

Independence is very important if you want your relationship to be healthy. It is because the best relationships involve individuals who are the best versions of themselves. That means having time and space for self-discovery and chasing dreams. 

6. A shared vision for the future

Are you both headed in the same direction regarding your goals? If your relationship is healthy, then the answer should be a yes. You might not want the same things but when it comes to stuff that matters like family and finances you should be on the same page. It is especially important to figure this out if you met through online dating. Make sure the most important things match. 

7. There is healthy conflict

Healthy relationships include healthy fights. It allows you to learn more about your partner, their needs and their expectations. When done right, the conflict will make you stronger as a couple. So do not focus on all the negatives. 

8. There a lot of heat and passion

Finally, a healthy relationship is one huge chemistry lab. It doesn’t just mean constant public displays of affection and inability to keep your hands off each other. It means being genuinely and incredibly attracted to each other. It helps keep things saucy and interesting and distinguishes your beau from your ordinary friends. 
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