Exercise Equipment For Seniors: Guide for fit and healthy

Worrying about the best exercise equipment for seniors?Here is a guide for fit and healthy body for elderly people.From exercise pedals for elderly to heavy equipment we have brought the best and suitable exercise forms for your beloved one.


 1. Get Healthy Back With Upper Back Strength Equipment

Back-aches are a common problem of the elderlies. They often complain about tenacious pain in the backs. It can be anywhere upper back, lower back or the sides. Seniors also have complained about un-aligned or rounded postures.These problems are due to lack of back strength and weakness of back muscles. As people grow old these conditions are normal. The body loses strength. It is important for elderlies to pay close attention to its back muscles.Old age people can work out from home with various upper back strength equipment and stay healthy. You can look for the Lat Pull-Down Machine and Seated Row. Both of them are perfect for those senior citizens that have back pain problem.
You can exercise in a sitting position while working on the lat pull-down machine. You have to pull down a bar while being seated. It helps to avoid injury when you bring down the bar to the front of your body. This function is available in almost all home gym equipment.

2. Cycle From Your Seat Using Exercise Peddlers

People who are very old or with time has to lose the ability to stand for a long time spends most of the time sitting. In such cases, an exercise peddler is best for them. This is almost the same as exercise bike but small with less function. 
Pedal exercise machine helps you to increase blood flow all over the body. It increases your bodily functions and keeps you healthy. These exercise pedals for disabled are easy to use and very effective.
3. Do Comfortable Cardio Workout With Recumbent Exercise Bike

Cardio exercise is very important at any age. With time as you grow old, your heart becomes weak making it hard for you to pump blood and function properly. A weak heart is never safe.
Recumbent bikes are good for those who are over 50. The stationary bikes for seniors can be of two varieties. One is the traditional model where you sit on a regular bike seat while exercising. And the second one is the recumbent type that contains a chair like a seat. These types can reduce the stress on the back. It is safer for old age people. They can easily get on and off.
Seniors will find both comfortable for cardio workouts depending on their physical situation. The recumbent bikes will be highly beneficial for those who have joints issues like arthritis. It is a low impact exercise equipment. Once they have gained back their strength they can try the traditional ones if they wish.
4. Walk Or Run In Treadmills

Walking is considered the best exercise for people of all age, types and body conditions. But for various reasons, it is not possible to go out and take a stroll every day.
Treadmills keep you on track. You can walk freely any time you want without any obstacles. You can control your speed, keep eye on step count, read heart rate and much more.
5. Increase Endurance With The Rowing Machine

It is normal for one to lose endurance as they grew old. Also, lack of proper exercise makes you lose your endurance power. Elderlies suffer a lot for this. That is why endurance increasing exercises for senior citizens are a must.
A rower is beneficial for improving the cardiovascular system, burning fat and strengthening muscles. Rowing machines provide full body exercise. Use it depending on an individual’s fitness level and health conditions.
6. Do Low Impact Workouts WithEllipticals

The elliptical is especially good for the elderly. These set of exercise for senior citizens put minimal stress on back, knees, and hips. It just makes use of foot pads.
7. Get Strong Hands With Hand Gripper

For sure you have seen weak arms of an elder person. It is natural and one of the first symptoms of older age. Eventually, they lose even the strength of picking up a fork.
Maintain strength of hands is very much important. And it is very simple too. Get a hand gripper that can be used anytime anywhere. Some models even let you chose resistance level.

8. Strengthen Your Core With Stability Ball

Core muscles are very important in the human body. They provide you with the right posture and balance. Thus, keeps you away from injuries.
Stability Ball is huge balls that will not only increase your inner core but will also improve your flexibility and overall physical fitness.
9. Resistance Bands Can Help With Multiple Problems

This simple looking tiny rope can come very handy. You can use it for multiple forms of exercise. It can help with cardiovascular activity to weight loss. You can carry it anywhere and exercise whenever you want. It is very safe for seniors.
10. Bear Weight For Strong Muscles & Bones In Seniors

Weight bearing may not sound very hopeful for the elderly but it is an integral part of the exercise that we all miss. Even seniors should do it even if it is a bit difficult for them.
For this weight training equipment is better than free weights. This way it is safe and comparatively easy. Push and pull machine are perfect for elderlies.

Seniors are strongly advised to consult a trained physician or trainer and their personal doctor before starting any form of exercise. A wrong movement can cause you a lot.

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