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Fitness Expert, Majed Alhamad Shares 5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Exercise
Wednesday, 17 April 2019

 Your daily life is busy and probably hectic at many times. This can make it difficult for you to find time to exercise. On top of that, you may not always have the motivation to exercise even when you do have the time. After all, life in and of itself can be quite exhausting. 

 However, there are many ways that you can increase your daily exercise without overdoing it or without needing to make a major time commitment. Fitness and nutrition expert, Majed Alhamad, encourages you to get to know some of these easy ways to increase your daily exercise. He believes that you will be motivated to continue this more active lifestyle by the benefits you will reap.

#1: Park Farther Away at Work, Stores, etc.

When you go about your daily life, you will likely be driving yourself a great many places. From work to the store to dentist appointments and more, you will find yourself in a parking lot looking for a spot.

Rather than jockeying for the closest spot with everyone else, try parking in the spots that are farthest away from the building. By doing so, you will increase the number of steps you take every day and give yourself a little bit of exercise every time you go somewhere.

#2: Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs is another great option when you are trying to get more exercise. If you work on the third or fourth floor of a building, taking the stairs can be a great way to increase the number of steps you take and get your heart rate going.

#3: Get Up and Move During Breaks

Many people today work office jobs that keep them pretty sedentary throughout the day. When you have a break, whether it is five minutes, thirty minutes, or an hour-long lunch break, take at least part of that time to get up and move around.

Go outside and walk around the building. Or just walk around in the office hallways if the weather does not permit you to go outside. Find a quiet corner and do some basic stretches to get the energy flowing through your body. Or, you could always hit those stairs and go up and down them a few times if you really want to put in some physical work.

#4: Do One Exercise Every Day to Start

When you are not at work or running errands, you can also incorporate small amounts of exercise into your daily life. It is ok if you do not have a lot of energy or time. You can start small with just one exercise to do every day for a week.

For example, set a goal to do two sets of 10 squats every day, or two sets of 10 pushups. In the span of a two to five minutes, you will be able to get these exercises done.

When you make exercises like this a part of your routine, you can then begin to build on it. Maybe for two weeks, you will do just one exercise a day, and then the next week you will do two. Then, before you know it, you will have a full daily workout routine incorporated into your daily life.

#5 Use an Exercise Ball While Watching TV

Watching TV does not have to be a completely sedentary activity. There are many ways that you can go about making television watching a more active leisure activity. One great way to do that is to use an exercise ball while you are watching TV.

Even just sitting on the exercise ball will engage your core muscles as they are needed to help keep you balanced. You could also do exercises on the ball including crunches and sit-ups, leg lifts, push-ups and more, all while you enjoy watching TV.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can increase your exercise on a daily basis. Give any one of them a try, and you will be well on your way to getting more exercise and living a healthier lifestyle.

About Majed Alhamad:

Majed Alhamad is an accomplished personal trainer who inspires his clients to pursue their fitness and health goals. Originally from Kuwait, Majed has always been an athlete, starting out as an avid soccer player. Majed’s evolution into a fitness trainer began as a personal mission to help his friends and family get fit and stay healthy.

Now, Majed has worked with hundreds of clients helping them visualize and attain their goals. Mr. Alhamad specializes in assisting beginners to overcome their fear of the gym. He is also passionate about teaching even the most seasoned athletes the fundamentals of fitness so they can avoid injury and reach new heights.
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