Hacks Your Fitness and Get Better Workout Results with These Tips
Sunday, 20 June 2021

Do you want to know some hacks to get better results? The ever-longing excuse of “I don’t have time” would be valid no more. These fitness hacks could improve your results and they are easy to include in your daily routine.

But they do not mean you can stop wearing workout clothes going to the gym and working there.

Morning stretch

Stretch as you get out of the bed before doing anything else. It will loosen up the stiff muscles which will with the pain and muscle recovery. In winters try not to let the cold air touch you as you get out of the bed.

Start the day with water

Drink a glass or two of water before eating or drinking anything else. It helps cleanse the stomach get it ready, flow toxins away, and get you hydrated. A healthy stomach means healthy you! Keep water by the side table to remind yourself.

Breakfast is must

Breakfast is the most important meal. It provides energy for the body to function. Include fiber, protein, healthy fats and whole grains breakfast with some vitamins i.e. juices or milkshakes.

Switch to black coffee

Avoid fancy coffee names they have lots of sugar which are not healthy for you. Black coffee is good, it even helps burn some fat. You can even mix your protein powder in it to get a power boost.

Use your feet more

Try to use your feet as much as you can. Meaning walks to the office or gets off the car, bus whatever a block away. Take the stairs, do walking meetings, and walk after lunch and dinner. These little steps won't feel much but they would be burning so many calories so you don’t have to spend an extra hour in the gym getting your tank tops and shorts damp. f you may, 10,000 steps daily are the number. You don’t have to get there on the first day! Don’t stress over it and don’t give up and be sure to wear copper infused socks to circulate blood flow and promote quick recovery.

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