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Health Benefits of Kayaking ...Weight Loss, Strength & Flexibility
Wednesday, 03 January 2018

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Kayaking

Many people love the thrill that comes with kayaking; however, aside from the excitement of gliding over the water, kayaking has plenty of astounding health and mental benefits too. If you're looking for a way to get into shape, consider paddling your way into fitness on a kayak.

Few exercises provide you with the entertainment of kayaking. One minute you're gliding through the water as you admire the tranquility of your surroundings, the next minute, you're zipping down a set of rapids.

Although some aspects of kayaking require more practice and extra training, you can learn the basics of kayaking in a single day. However, despite the short learning curve, kayaking offer you a lifetime of benefits. You can easily find kayaks that cost less than 500.

Here are top nine health benefits of kayaking.
1) Weight loss
Weight loss is a common lifestyle issue affecting millions of people worldwide. Kayaking, however, can help in cutting down the extra pounds of fat in your body. According to WebMD moving a kayak at a moderate speed of 5 mph will require you to use approximately 0.1 hp of effort, subsequently burning up to 400 calories per hour.
To achieve a weight loss difference, however, you need to take kayaking consistently. Kayaking once will not make a difference in this regard. The more seat time you get In a kayak, the more weight you will shed off.
2) Upper Body Workout
For you to propel and move a kayak forward, you need to use tour arms, back, and shoulders. These are the three main muscle groups that you use when paddling.
Placing the paddle and executing a good stroke requires you to incorporate basically every muscle in your upper body.
On average, kayakers do about 500 strokes per mile, meaning that if you kayak at a speed of three miles per hour, you will have executed roughly 1,500 repetitions of low-impact upper body movements. Needless to say, regardless of your fitness goals, kayaking will have a major effect on your body and will tone every muscle in your upper body.
3) Strengthen Your core
One of your most important muscle groups is your core muscles. The core muscles, which are better known as abs, are made up of the upper and lower abdominal muscles and are responsible for keeping your body in an upright position.
The muscles are thoroughly engaged when you're kayaking. Sitting in the cockpit and turning your chest and body as our paddle and balance the kayak strengthen your core muscles. Also, turning the kayak heavily relies on the shifting and turning of the core area of your body, and with each turn, it results to the use of these muscles, and over time, it builds these areas.
4) Tone Your legs
The health benefit of kayaking to the legs is one of the less intuitive benefits because legs are less visible-quite literally in a kayak.
Legs, however, play a vital role in balancing your kayak. The pressure you apply by your legs helps to balance and turn the kayak. Moreover, your legs are sued for securing you in the kayak and help you balance and maneuver the kayak.
The tightening and loosening of the muscles of your legs for the purpose of turning the kayak acts as a perfect isometric exercise. The constant squeezing and releasing over time will increase the strength of your leg muscles.
5) Cardiovascular health
You might not think of it, but your heart is a muscle and one of the most important muscles in your body as well. However, unlike other muscles in the body, it's the only muscle that works constantly, and therefore, it craves for exercise.
Like many aerobic sports on Adventure Gears Lab, kayaking greatly improves the health of your heart. The brisk and continuous movements involved in kayaking raise the heartbeat and improve cardiovascular health.
Therefore, whether it's taking it easy or riding rough, kayaking is a superb cardio option that you didn't know you had.

6) Increase ab definition and strengthen Your back
Your back is a part of the body that you might not expect to get a lot of attention when kayaking. However, the pulling motion of your paddle stroke is dominated by your back, and if you've always wanted to perfect your lats, traps and lumbar, kayaking is the perfect sport.
On the other hand, the rotational movements of moving the paddle back and forth for an extended period can really work on your abdomen and oblique.
A perfect analogy of kayaking would compare kayaking to the rows you do in your local gym. Now, rather than doing 3 set of 10, kayaking allows you to do 1 set of 500.
7) Vitamin D
This is a surprising, yet overlooked benefit. Spending considerable amount of time on the outdoors comes along with the benefit of Vitamin D intake.
Vitamin D is one of the most vital elements that our bodies need. Unfortunately, many of us do not get enough of it. Also, according to Solar Facts and Advice ( vitamin D it hard to come by in most of the foods and most of us get nearly80% of the vitamin from the sun.
Therefore, Spending time On the outdoor while kayaking can help your body get that special vitamin it needs to function properly. Just remember to carry a sunscreen.

8) Improve your mental health
All aerobic exercises, as noted by the Harvard Health Publications, can have a profound effect on your mental health. When you engage in kayaking, your body triggers the release of brain chemicals that can boost your confidence, mood, and self-worth.
Therefore if you're feeling stressed, depressed, moody, or just want to clear your mind from the hectic nature of your day, a kayaking trip can do you a world of good and bring on a peaceful state.
9) Overall Health Improvement
Kayaking offers an aerobic workout regime, which should be part of your workout schedule. Some of the general benefits of all forms of aerobic fitness include;
• Increased endurance
• Regulation of the cholesterol levels
• Blood sugar control
• Lower blood pressure
• decrease body fat
• decrease anxiety and depression
• decreasing fatigue
5 Health and Safety Tips for Kayaking
• Learn how to paddle from experienced and certified teachers
• Always carry a personal floatation gear and helmet
• Know how to use a first aid kit and use it on your kayak
• Check weather conditions before paddling
• Don't paddle alone
• Keep your kayak and paddling equipment in good shape
If you're looking for a rather inexpensive and exciting activity, that allows you enjoy nature to the full you need to pick up the sport of kayaking. It has an advantage over gym because you don't have to pay the monthly membership while providing you with the amazing health benefits. Regardless of how you carry out the kayaking exercise, you can reap immense benefits from kayaking.
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