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Herbs That Promote Skin Health
Saturday, 14 November 2020

The use of modern cosmetics to promote skin beauty is on the increase. As people around the world focus on applying these processed products and attain quick beauty results, the long term effects are evident. Natural herbs are slow in yielding beauty results, but their safety on the skin is worth it. The skin tolerates the herbs because they are natural and do not impose toxic compounds. Read more about kratom dosages, how much you should consume per day, and how you can reap the benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Below are some of the top herbs that you can use to promote skin beauty.


This is a crucial herb that contains alpha-bisabolol which is known to increase collagen development and increase the strength of skin layers. As a result, the herb works to help in the prevention of skin wrinkles and promote skin water retention. Water retention helps to promote skin cell nourishment which promotes cell division. If you apply this herb on a regular basis, you end up having young-looking skin that is moist and well-textured for your beauty. Learn all about the best recipes involving kratom powders through this quick guide available at


The yellow flowers contain carotenoids. These substances have anti-inflammatory properties that ensure the skin doesn't get inflamed. With the antimicrobial and antiviral properties, you can be sure that the skin will always remain in excellent health at all times. Mixed with oils, it promotes water retention in the skin layers thereby preventing the occurrence of dry skin and skin wrinkles. As a result, the person always has young-looking skin which is what everyone wants. It protects the skin from dermatitis, skin rashes, and other forms of skin reaction abnormalities.

The Holy Basil

Before even the coming of modern cosmetics, the holy basil was already in use as the most preferred antiseptic product for the skin. It fights against infecting bacteria on the surface of the skin. Besides the antibacterial properties, it also contains the best synthetic collagen that works to strengthen the dermal part and maintain the density of the skin components. Owing to that, the skin can retain much moisture which is relevant in the nourishment of the skin cells. As a result, the user attains a good looking skin that is free from dents and other forms of skin abnormalities. Vitamins A and C enable the Holy basil to eliminate free radicals thereby ensuring the skin doesn't incur black patches on its surface.

Aloe Vera

This is called a plant of immortality because it contains some of the best antibacterial properties. In the field of alternative medicine, it is known to be a wonderful option for the treatment of many conditions. Eczema, dermatitis, and other forms of skin conditions cannot thrive under this herb because it delivers unfavorable conditions for the growth of the bacteria on the skin. Aloe Vera doesn’t subject the user to any form of side effects because it works naturally and without adding any form of toxins. Being consistent in using it is the only way to ensure you improve your skin results.


Using natural products as cosmetic is the best way to go. Organic cosmetic products reduce the aging process making you always look young. When you use these products, the body doesn’t get a lot of toxins to eliminate hence even your kidney and liver are not burdened with a lot of contaminants to eliminate. You also reduce the risk of getting carcinogens which are plenty in most of the manufactured skin cosmetic products. Most people in southern Asia are able to look younger than their age because they always use organic skin cosmetic products. Make it a habit to always have your herbs so that you apply on your skin.
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