HGH therapy timeline: What results to expect when you trying to lose weight

 There are various methods of losing weight such as exercising, dieting and through Human Growth Hormone therapy. The Human Growth Hormone is a protein produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and secreted into the bloodstream. It is critical in human development as it helps to influence height and build bones and muscles in the body. 

 HGH therapy has become a popular weight-loss method as the results are relatively quick as compared to other methods. As you grow older, the growth hormone level decreases. The decrease in the production of the hormone affects your ability to renew or repair body cells. The low levels can lead to sagging skin, and slower metabolism resulting in weight gain and more gradual recovery from sickness.

Low-level of the hormones also lead to loss of muscle and bone density: sexual wellness issues and overall fatigue. The purpose of growth hormone therapy is, therefore, to slow or reverse the mentioned conditions above. 
How HGH Works and The Role it Plays in the body

Human Growth Hormone works by binding a fat cell receptor, that triggers an enzymatic reaction known as lipolysis that breaks down fats. The hormone also inhibits the effect of insulin on fat cells. Insulin is, therefore, unable to promote the creation of cells as required by the body. 

The following are the different roles of HGH:
  • Promote the breakdown of fats and lipids
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Stimulate the growth of organs
  • Reduce the uptake of glucose
Besides the roles as mentioned above, the process also helps in increasing calcium retention and strengthens mineralization of bones.
Who Can Start HGH Therapy?

It is critical to note that HGH weight loss method only works when a person suffers from growth hormone deficiency as it will not impact on the weight of persons with normal growth hormone levels.

Any adult with conditions caused by a reduced level of the human growth hormone can start the hormone replacement to improve body composition, increase bone mass and decrease fat stores.

Eating healthy and exercising during the therapy can improve your weight loss results and fat loss timeline. You can opt for thirty minutes of exercise sometimes a week and reduce sugar intake as you increase your consumption of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.
Fat Loss Results to Expect when Receiving Growth Hormone

According to the report of HGH therapy clinic of Miami - https://hghtherapydoc.com/hgh-therapy/hgh-therapy-results/ when you are receiving growth hormone injections, you can expect to lose some fats and gain muscles. The average change in body composition over a six-month therapy is between ten to fourteen percent loss of fat.

As the therapy embarks on fat loss, the body also increases its lean muscle mass composition by between five and ten per cent. Though the changes in weight might be just a few pounds, you can embrace the therapy as it has no side effects.

First and Second months Human Growth Hormone Therapy Results

Understanding your therapy timeline is very critical as you embark on a weight loss journey. Unrealistic expectations of HGH results can lead to frustrations and even make you quit. You should, therefore, be disciplined with the process and follow the doctor's advice for better and faster results. 

An increase in energy mostly associated with better sleep characterize the first month of the therapy. Other therapy notable results can be better concentration, increase in stamina and improved self-confidence.

Within two months, the therapy will have increased your cell regeneration and performance, leading to thicker skin and hair. This period will also see an increase in sexual desires for both men and women, improved metabolism, reduced feeling of depression and fading of wrinkles. 
Third- and Fourth-Month Human Growth Hormone Therapy Results

This period provides the most significant visual changes in terms of body compositions and quality of life. In the third month, you can witness less sagging of your skin, more durable nails, a sharper memory, a more robust immune system and reduced menopause symptoms for women.

The fourth month comes with additional benefits of better eyesight, increased muscle strength, faster hair growth and improved functioning of internal organs.
Fifth- and Sixth-Month Human Growth Hormone Therapy Results

More improvement in the benefits observed in the previous months, such as improved hair growth and eyesight are evident in this phase.

Overall improvement of cardiovascular health also occurs in this period, leading to other benefits for the heart, such as:
  • Increased cardiac output
  • Improved left ventricular wall mass
  • Decreased level of blood pressure
  • Enhanced cardiac capacity for exercise
  • An increase in the generation of nitric oxide
  • A decrease in atherosclerosis
You can feel the long-lasting results of the therapy through the significant quality of life, health and wellbeing. There shall also be an improvement in brain functions which help in reducing the risk of dementia.

From the seventh to the 18th month, you will experience significant improvement in joint pains and bodily stiffness. Your bones will also become more durable with less fracture risk.
Risks Associated with The HGH Therapy

Human Growth Hormone therapy is considered safe only when treating growth hormone deficiency in adults. You should therefore not consider the method to lose weight when you are not diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency as it may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, insulin resistance, high cholesterol levels, joint and muscle pain.


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