How Does Music Benefit Your Health?

 Music provides a unique experience to each listener. Whether you have a strong emotional connection to a song, or a type of music that is tied to a time in your life, it's likely that music moves you in a special way. Music is beneficial to our brains; it triggers chemical reactions that give us the ability to learn new skills, concentrate on tasks, relax, and manage pain.

 Playing musical instruments is the best way to take advantage of these benefits. It's not as hard as you might think to get started; with help from some online resources, you can get set up with an online class and quality equipment. For example, purchase drums at DCP and then enroll in a weekly class at your local music studio.

But before you do, learn more about how playing music will not only enrich your life, but also make you a healthier person.

Improves Memory

When practicing or playing music, the brain enters a form of passive meditation. This exercise can help boost overall attention and memory strength. In addition to this, music is a strong link to memory. If you train one song while doing another activity or in connection to something else you like, you can tie certain songs or tunes to other activities. This will help strengthen those memories even more. Not sure I understand what you mean by "if you train" - in general, this sentence is confusing. 

Quick Thinking

Music requires a very specific part of your brain when you listen or learn music. This means that more unique and different connections are formed in the brain. How does this mean this? Can you explain how the scientific process works? 

Music activates the right temporal lobe by forcing you to think about pitch and sounds as they are sensed, and that is just one part of listening to music. Each aspect, whether it is tone, pitch, or rhythm, requires a different part of your brain to work and think. I moved this up from the conclusion because I think it fits well in this part. 

With new pathways being made, music increases cognitive ability for your entire body. This is true for many different parts of music as well. Practicing, listening, reading music, or even just enjoying it are all good ways to improve cognitive ability. How do these activities stimulate the brain? What do they do for us? 

Relieves Stress

To the surprise of no one, music has been known to help relieve stress and boost certain moods. Depending on the type of music, this can happen in many ways, the most important being how music affects your physiology.

As an example, classical music is known to slow your heart rate and decrease blood pressure. That in turn will reduce stress and give a relaxation feeling. The timing and structure of music promotes peace in our minds, and we can use it as a tool to help calm ourselves.

This is good - make the h2's above as thorough and clear as this one. 

Promotes Sense of Self

Unconscious emotion is a strong factor in many people's lives, but how to take control of it is a much more difficult problem. By learning new skills and abilities we promote positive thinking about ourselves. The feeling of accomplishing a goal or learning something knew is one that cannot be simulated, but it can be achieved by learning music.

With each session, you will find yourself gaining confidence. A little practice and time will have you celebrating your own achievements and feeling much better about yourself.

Final Thoughts

Music can help your brain, body, and mood. You'll learn to:

Improve overall memory
Stimulate new ways of thinking
Gain a confidence you may not have had before

Overall, music keeps our minds working while still at ease. It can keep us active and happy. It does all this while improving our memory and keeping the body functioning as if it were younger. What's not to love about playing music? When you pick up your instrument, you'll feel the benefits in no time. 
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