How to Create Your Own Nature Trail

In these troubling and challenging times, it’s important that we focus on the positive elements of our lives. For many, that means spending increased amounts of time with our children – time which, under normal circumstances, may be occupied with working, commuting and other commitments of everyday life.

Keeping the young ones entertained is no easy feat, as we strive to come up with creative and imaginative ideas to ensure they remain stimulated. Although outdoor activities are limited, there’s no harm in planning what you can do once those restrictions are lifted.

Many people are enjoying a greater appreciation of the natural environment around them, and you too can take advantage of your surroundings. There are 3.19 million hectares of woodland in the UK, so why not embark on a nature trail with all the family? If you’re based in the city you can plan to escape to the country, and even those who live in bustling commuter towns like Stevenage and Hitchin have plenty of woodland areas at their disposal.
Read on for a few handy tips on creating a nature trail for you and the kids to look forward to.
Planning your trail
First and foremost, you need to decide where your trail is going to take place. You may want to select somewhere familiar, or you might want to branch out and allow your little ones to explore uncharted territory. Do your research and make sure there is enough of interest along the way – if the best you can do is a bike track weaving through a few shrubs, your kids’ attention is likely to wander quickly.
Designing your trail
With that in mind, you need to select a few things for the children to look out for. These might include a butterfly, a squirrel, a pond, a fallen tree, or anything else you can think of. Creating a map of the trail is another great way to get the kids involved – they can help you set down the route on paper and it gives them something to refer to when you get there.
Things to take with you
No family day out is complete without a picnic, so pack up the hamper with a few of everyone’s favourite treats. You might also want to consider taking prizes to reward the little ones for spotting things along the trail, and be sure to have a camera or phone close at hand to record mementos of what promises to be a fun-filled outing.
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