How To Discover If Your Teenager Kid Is Under Drug Influence?
Thursday, 02 July 2020

For parents, their children are their precious assets. You invest your quality time, money, and hard work to groom them in the best possible manner. None of the parents want their children to suffer health-wise, professionally, financially, or mentally. No matter how hard you work towards their upbringing there is a chance of going astray when they reach their teens. That's the time when major changes are taking place physically and mentally and at that point in time if your child gets involved in a bad company then major issues can arise. One of the most distressing and challenging bad habits to deal with is a teenager being involved in drug abuse. It is highly advised to watch teenagers and make them have confidence in you, not strangers. 


 There are several ways to detect if your teenagers are under the influence of any drug hence keep yourself updated and educate yourself to help them in the best possible way.

Understand when your teen needs treatment and special care!

Several signs will appear in your child’s personality and actions that will indicate that he or she is addicted to alcohol or other substance consumption and requires professional help to get rid of the habit. Like; 

  • Showing continuous rebellion against the loved ones
  • Long hours spent outside the house
  • Abnormal hanging out with friends
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sudden and abnormal weight gain or weight loss
  • Poor diet
  • Irritation and agitation displayed often.
  • Disturbed sleep cycle.
  • Retaliation shown to parents.
  • Academic performance compromised.
  • Lost interest in things they enjoyed doing.
  • Finding drugs remains in their bedroom.

If you discover the above signs in your child then it is surely concerning must be taken care of as early as possible. With professional help in the teen rehab center can be highly beneficial to avoid drastic consequences in their adulthood, since early drug abuse can lead to negative impacts on the future life.

Understand the four-phase of teen rehab treatment strategy

Any sort of drug addiction or mental illness treatment and therapies is a long term commitment for a well being of a patient. Hence the rehab centers have a very thorough and in-depth plan to overcome weakness and illness. The complete treatment is usually divided into four phases and the patient moves about according to progress. 

1. Assessment and customizing therapy

A detailed profile is created to plan a treatment that may vary from one person to another. This will record all about health to financial status information and much more. 

2. Detoxification

The detoxification process involves the removal of toxicants present in the bloodstream. There are different types of medicines used to detox depending on the type of drug abuse done. Medicine is given to control withdrawal symptoms as well. 

3. Planning a treatment that best suits the patients

There are a number of programs each designed to suit the varying levels of addition. The programs include inpatients and outpatient options with many more added features to fully treat addiction in the long run.  

4. Aftercare therapy and assistance

In the case of addiction, recovery demands for a lifestyle change and life long commitment. Relapses are more likely to happen and to avoid them utmost the affectee must stay connected to the rehab therapy sessions to control triggers. Aftercare programs are offered by the rehab center to help the patients live a normal living without much difficulty.  

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