How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as many might expect. If you have always dreamed of having a baby but you haven’t yet struck lucky, it doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Some couples can fall pregnant instantly, while others spend years trying to conceive. You may be doing everything you can to increase your chances, but do remember that it can take a few months or longer for you to fall pregnant.

Here are a few ways you can increase the likelihood of falling pregnant:

Strive for a healthy body weight

One of the main reasons why women struggle to get pregnant is due to their body weight. Being too heavy or too thin can have significant impacts on your chances of conceiving. This can cause you to have irregular periods or even stop them completely, which is why you may be struggling to fall pregnant. With this in mind, it’s important to closely monitor your weight and get in touch with your GP if you believe that weight is playing a major factor in your pregnancy struggles.

Cut out strenuous exercise

While it is recommended to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay in good health, scientific research has discovered that too much strenuous physical activity could actually interfere with ovulation. Therefore, if you are going to the gym several times a week or engaging in tough workouts, you may wish to cut back slightly on how much you’re taking on if you are trying to become pregnant.

Get an egg donor

As a last resort, some couples wish to research into getting an egg donor to make their dreams of becoming a parent come true. Trying to get pregnant can be an emotionally draining experience, therefore, there are options such as these which can take the pressure off your shoulders and give you another alternative. Seeking an egg donor for your baby can be a stressful experience as you want to be sure that the person who is chosen is the perfect match and fulfills your expectations. If you have someone in mind, you could always ask them to apply to become an egg donor (providing they meet the criteria) to allow you to achieve your dreams of becoming a parent.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

If you tend to drink heavily, it would be wise to cut it out of your diet if you are planning on conceiving. Not only that, but it could potentially cause harm to the baby if you have recently conceived. Smoking and even passive smoking is another aspect that can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. If you are hoping to give up both or either of these habits, but are struggling to do so, it would be wise to speak to your GP about the different methods of weaning yourself off either alcohol or cigarettes.
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