How to Improve your Health and Fitness

 In order to stay healthy, you should make exercise part of your daily routine. Don’t just make up one day and exercise for 8 hours. That kind of exercise will be tiresome and unnecessary. You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment or gym to do your exercise at home. You can do some simple but effective activities at home that will keep you fit just like those who spent thousands of dollars and hours in the gym. 

The best way to exercise is to allocate about 30 minutes each day for some kind of an activity that will keep you fit. Some of the activities that you can do for you fitness include press-ups, squats, dancing, leg-lifts among others.

Switch to healthy eating style

To avoid obesity.You should avoid sugary soft drinks and energy bars. Excess sugars get stored as fat in your body and they will undo your efforts to remain fit. It is recommended to take three well balanced meals in a day and not more than two light snacks. If you want to get better results, stick to fruit and crackers as your snacks.

Healthy Sleep

In the 21st century people have started to spend more time working than sleeping so that they can earn more money. Insufficient sleep and low sleep quality is dangerous since it reduces fitness in many ways. Studies show that people who have short sleep duration or low quality sleep are more likely to be obese.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has strong stimulating effects that might make you feel sleepy then disrupt the sleep later. This kind of low quality sleep will affect the fitness of our body. IN addition, alcohol can’t be stored in muscles, instead it is stored as fat on your belly and other fatty parts of your body. It is also known to impair the physical performance as compared to those who don’t when alcohol enters the blood stream, it impairs the liver which is a vital organ in the body. The liver process digested proteins and fats in the body and breaks down sugars into glucose that provides energy to our bodies.

Playing Sports

This is a unique game since it is one of the games that improve brain development and people’s thinking capacity. Those who play it professionally or as a hobby get many benefits from the game. involves swift movement and split second decisions which provides both physical and mental exercise that burn calories and fats in your body and this reduces the risk of becoming obese.

Ping pong improves hand-eye coordination among players. Players are usually at a close proximity and if you want to be the winner you are supposed to think faster than your opponent. If you play the game for a while, you will start to make accurate guesses on where you expect your opponent to direct the ball with high accuracy and this sharpens your senses. The continuous hitting of the ball ensures that all the joints on your limbs get enough exercise and become more flexible.

The vigorous exercise involved in playing ping pong also improves blood flow in your body. Playing the game makes your heart to supply blood to all parts of your body at a faster rate and this removes carbon dioxide from your tissues. The game also makes you to interact with people and improve your self-esteem which enables you to have more close friends. Friends will share stories and seek advice about important social matters affecting them and this reduces stress. Check out the market best ping pong paddle for your unbiased review.

Manage Stress

Stress is one of the problems that people living in a solitary life face. Avoid stress and depression since it can lead to heart problems and obesity. You can manage stress by talking to someone you trust. It can be a friend, a colleague at work, or a trained professional who can help you with ideas on how to solve your problems.

You should also find out the causes of your problems that lead to stress. If it is about time management for stress.lf it is about time management for example if you are a student and you can’t finish an assignment on time, find out ways in which you can solve the current problems and how to avoid such problems in future Sometimes stress is caused by too much work. If you have a lot to do at your workPlace, do not accept more work even if it is from close friends. Such huge workload can make you to get frustrated for no reason. Just say no to more work. If it is about house party at your friend’s place and you can’t get time also say no and avoid regrets and stress.

Final verdict

If you want to get fit and the health club is too expensive or far from your place. You can easily do simple but effective exercises at home. You can also change your lifestyle by eating healthy food. sleeping well. avoiding alcohol and managing stress. You should know that the same way you can’t get fat in in one day, you also can’t reduce fat in your body in one day. Do exercise and vigorous activities in your house daily and make it part of your routine to remain fit and live a health life. If you take that into consideration. you won’t get some diseases related

to body fat build-up such as obesity and high blood pressure. If you are a ping pong enthusiast, keep up I can equate it to a gym in term of physical exercise with an added advantage of mental exercise.

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