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How To Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease
Monday, 12 February 2018

Heart disease is health condition whose prevalence makes it a major health concern in today's generation. Many of the cases of the condition are preventable because the factors associated with heart disease are linked to lifestyle choices.

People spend hours on end seated behind their desk working and they spend fewer hours engaging in different outdoor activities. Moreover, the stress and pressures of work only exacerbate the situation increasing the risk of heart-related problems. Taking a proactive approach is the best option and below are some tips that can help ensure your heart is in tip-top shape.

i) Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a leading trigger of heart-related problems. While stopping smoking can prove to be a significant challenge for many people, it is still possible to quite the habit through the help of your GP practice or pharmacy. Many are the times you will stop only to relapse, but you are bound to succeed if you keep trying. The pharmacist can offer you different practical options that can help you overcome the cravings. A lot of people like vaping and find it increases the chance of successful quitting - understandable when they taste like strawberry belts ejuice

For instance, you can try vaping, which is widely considered a safe alternative to cigarette smoking. You can give this a try as you look into the healthiest vaping options that can also help you quit smoking.

ii) Get Enough Sleep

The less sleep you get, the more stressed the body becomes and this adversely affects your blood pressure. When awake, you are constantly pushing your body to stay active as you engage in the day's activities. But, the lack of enough sleep will eventually catch up on you and may adverse physical and mental impact. Allow your mind and body to rest, and this will be beneficial to your heart and other body organs.

iii) Keep Calm, Avoid Stress

We may get enough sleep, which is the right thing; but how does that compare to the moments when we are awake, and our minds are racing? The busy schedules of work-life tend to have us over thinking while giving us very little time in-between to reduce such stress.
Making an effort to reduce stress every day, no matter how small the effort, can do wonders for your heart and mind. Playing an instrument, listing to music, painting, taking a stroll in the park, and meditations are just some of the stress relieving activities that can help increase the production of the happy hormone, serotonin. Research has shown that this hormone counteracts the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. Therefore, engage in something that makes you feel happy, and you invertedly will be reducing the risk of stress-related health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

iv) Get Moving

Get Moving

Exercising may not be something that we would do happily because it is a demanding activity, yet it is known to activate the production of serotonin. While you may feel terrible and beaten halfway through, you will have a high sense of achievement once you complete the workout and that mood enhances the release of the happy hormone.
You can increase your cardiovascular fitness by exercising at the gym, home or group fitness class and this will see you engage your daily work activities with ease. It also will help reduce your body weight as well as keep your blood pressure in check. The fitness routine should include exercises such as resistance training (lifting weights) and cardiovascular activities such as walking, swimming, or jogging.

v) Get The Balance Right

Get The Balance Right

It is easy to get lost in the current dieting craze with the likelihood of spending hundreds of dollars on something that offers little or no change. When it comes to getting it right when dieting, the trick is to know what constitutes a nutritionally balanced diet and keep things simple.
You need a balanced diet that has fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. While at it, limit your intake of sugars and salt and avoid saturated fats because these have been linked to increases cases of blood pressure due to increases cholesterol and blood glucose levels that lead to weight gain. The more body fat you gain, the higher the risk of heart-related problems because of the increased blood pressure and the general strain the excess fat exerts on the heart and other body organs.
So, reduce the artificial salt and sugars and eat a balanced diet and enough fruits and vegetables; this is what you will need to fuel your body and keep your ticker healthy.
Do you very best to reduce your alcohol consumption. Taking around fourteen or more units of alcohol per week increases the risk of heart disease and other related condition. Such a high alcohol intake also leads to liver problems, stroke, cancer, and other health issues. Therefore, reduce your consumption to few bottles during the weekend and take plenty of water when binging.

vi) Use The Evergreen Life App

At times, getting a firm control of the above issues so that you can manage your health and wellbeing may not be that easy. But you can have a better grasp of things with the help of the Evergreen Life app. The app is a health and fitness assistant that can help you keep track of your personal health information such s your cholesterol levels, blood glucose, body fat percentage, pulse rate, and blood pressure.
Always be concerned about your heart health as you take the necessary measures to ensure that you have control of your health and wellbeing.

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