How to Prevent Neck Pain from Computer Use

 Do you suffer from tech neck? Here's how to prevent neck pain from computer use at your office.

 According to one study, as much as one-third of the population suffers from neck pain. The reason for this? A poor work environment. This means that a large portion of the population has not set up their computer monitor or keyboard correctly. 

If you're suffering from neck pain, you may be one of these people. If you're suffering from neck pain from computer use, we can help. 

Try these tips in your office to ease your neck pain and prevent further injury. 

Place Your Monitor at Eye Level 

Sit comfortably, but not slouching, at your desk. Now place your monitor in front of you. Your gaze should naturally fall in the top third of the monitor screen. 

If you find yourself looking down, you need to raise your monitor. Looking down will cause your neck muscles to pull from the weight of your head and cause undue stress. 

If you find yourself looking up, then you need to lower your monitor. Looking up shifts the weight of your head back, which also strains your neck muscles. 

Adjust Your Laptop 

Laptops are wonderful for their portability. However, their very design makes them terrible for your neck strain. When using your laptop at a desk, you end up looking down to see the screen. 

You have two options to resolve this. You could pair your laptop with a monitor. Then you would plug the monitor into the laptop whenever you work at your desk. 

The problem with this is that you now have two screens going. You also have one more piece of equipment to fit onto your desk.
Instead, consider getting a laptop stand for desk comfort optimization. This type of stand gives you the freedom to adjust your laptop screen height perfectly. A telescoping stand can have your laptop low on the desk for sitting while working. 

You can also raise your laptop and work while standing. This can improve your neck and back pain by allowing you to change positions and stand throughout the workday. 

Adjust Screen Quality 

When was the last time you adjusted your image quality on your screen? Make sure that the images are sharp and stable. You'll need to adjust the screen if it's blurry or jittery. 

Next look at the brightness. You need to make it bright enough so that you don't strain to look at it. But you also need to balance this brightness. Don't make it so bright that you strain to look at it. 

Remove the Glare

While you're adjusting the screen, you should get rid of the glare. There shouldn't be any bright reflections that make the screen look washed out. To accomplish this, you made need to reposition your desk and the screen. 

If this doesn't work, apply an anti-glare filter to the screen. 

Prevent Neck Pain from Computer Use

You can prevent neck pain from computer use by making small adjustments to your workspace. Take a look at how you sit and the angle of the screen in relation to your eyes. Aim for the most natural position as possible. 

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