How to Wake Up On Time

Many people find it difficult to stand up in the morning. They do not feel refreshed and want to continue sleeping. They hit the snooze button to get some extra minutes of light sleep but it does not really help.

So, what is the secret to waking up early in the morning? A very simple answer is going to bed early enough. But there are also other important factors like not drinking too much coffee or alcohol in the evening, not being stressed and not being shocked by a loud alarm clock. A loud alarm signals our brain that there is an immediate thread and that we must prepare for defending any enemies.

Use wake-up lights instead of shocking alarms

Best is to use alarm clocks which increase slowly in volume and play natural sounds like twittering birds. You can use a wake-up light alarm clock app for this. A wake-up light is simulating a sunrise in the morning. While you still sleep your body notices that the morning is rising and takes you out of any deep sleep phase. When the wake-up sound starts to sound softly then you are already in the light sleep phase where you do not feel dizzy and can stand up easily.
Wake up light work very well in the winter time when there is not enough daylight in the morning. In the summer time you need good curtains to keep the real daylight out of your room. It is also very important to reduce any lights over night for a better sleep so there the curtains are helpful as well.
Still you could wake up in the middle of the night by disturbing noises like a barking dog. This can be prevented by playing full frequency background sounds overnight like rain, waterfall or white noise. This will mask out the barking dog. Also, any low frequency home sound like a fan, washing machine or dryer can be used to signal your brain that there is no current thread and you can sleep very deep.
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