Incontinence Device by Shediac Company About to Hit the Global Market

 Uresta is the brand name of the device marketed by a Shediac company that is designed to prevent accidental bladder leaks in women.  The device is similar to that of a rubber stopper and is made of silicone. The device is inserted vaginally and pinches the urethra to prevent urine leaks.

 Women have long been impacted by incontinence.While there are other options to help with incontinence they don’t work for everyone. Exercise is not helpful for all women and surgery isn’t an option for everyone.

There are different factors that can lead to incontinence, including obesity, aging, childbirth, menopause and more.

It’s hard to determine the statistics simply because many women are too embarrassed to report on the issue.

One mother with 7 children said her incontinence problems started during her child-bearing years. She then sought professional help with the incontinence after she gave birth to her youngest child.

Surgery wasn’t really an option for her and she found pads to be too expensive and resulted in a lot of waste.

Many don’t realize what it’s like for women with incontinence, the significant impact it has mentally and spiritually. Confidence is often lost because any minor exertion can cause an accident, like jumping, sneezing, and even walking. 

Some women trying to manage incontinence always have an extra change of clothes with them or give up on doing the things they enjoy. It really can be life-disrupting.

Designed and produced in Canada

A professor of gynecology and obstetrics at Dalhousie’s School of Medicine in Halifax designed the Uresta; Dr. Scott Farrell. 

The Uresta is a licensed Class II medical device according to Health Canada. Medical devices are categorized by the risk associated with using the devices, on the Health Canada page. To get a better understanding of where Class II devices fall, an example of a Class I device is a thermometer (lowest possible risk) and Class IV devices like a pacemaker (highest potential risk). Once medical devices become licensed they are monitored regularly for safety and effectiveness according to Health Canada.

The Uresta Bladder Support device for incontinence was reviewed in Toronto at Mount Sinai Hospital. According to an online report by, Uresta significantly reduced urinary incontinence in a single, uncontrolled study of 21 women with no complications reported.

The content and opinions included in this article are intended for informational purposes only and have been sponsored by Uresta.
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