Increasing Nutrition via Seafood
Wednesday, 04 April 2018

In the very instant that a person decides to work out and get healthy, the first things to go are the snacks, candy and every type of food that will satisfy a guilty pleasure. A new workout regimen is devised as well, but by doing a total 180 degree in a diet, the task is doomed.This failure is not because the ideas are poor or there is malicious intent with getting healthier, it is due to the sudden shock the body will endure due to the one- two combo of working out and changing diet. For a longer lasting success, it is better to ease the body into the type of lifestyle you have always imagined. Small steps such as introducing more seafood and meal replacements instead of snacking can be the first step in the right direction.

Looking back at articles in the 1980’s, reports were done after studying sections of the Japanese and Greenland Eskimo societies. The New England Journal of Medicine had found an inverse relation to populations of people who ate alarge amount of fish and 20-Year Mortality from Coronary Heart Disease. It was discovered that the active lifestyle of these people coupled with eating at least two fish dishes helped them to lower their risk for having coronary heart failure.

Small Steps make Huge Differences

As mentioned before sudden changes will cause a diet to fail, so the question then becomes, what do I do? It starts with self- observation and a defined plan. Begin the process by observing yourself over a one to two week period. This observation will expose you to habits that were not noticed before. Write down as much as possible all of the meals and snacks had during that time with as much detail as possible. Once this yardstick is developed, the swapping out of more unhealthy options can begin.

Frying foods is never the best wayto cook, while it may be delicious, it is not healthy. An idea is to try new meals such as sushi and if that’s not your style, maybe a new twist on shrimp scampi can help.

After trying these new dishes, if that does not float your boat for any reason, maybe trying a different form of shellfish will work for a few meals.

Having just three ounces of raw Pacific oyster whether farmed or caught fresh gets you over 100% of the recommended dietary allowance for a few minerals such as selenium, B12, zinc, and copper. All of these are used in the production of antioxidants which fights cancer.An additional mineral is thrown in for good measure with the oyster. In one meal, half of the recommended dietary allowance for iron can be had. Having healthy amounts of iron will wardoff anemia and it will increase your blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to the body. Bay scallops, clams,abalone and the oft- rejectedsea snail are great sources for magnesium, selenium, iron and copper

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