Is It Safe To Vape Marijuana?

Some people consider vaping marijuana safe than smoking. Many people generally think that vaping marijuana frequently doesn’t do as much harm as smoking it does to their bodies. But how safe is vaping? Is it reasonable enough to just assume that vaping marijuana is safe than smoking it? Currently, there is no conclusive research on this topic. However, preliminary investigations have shown that vaping marijuana is not entirely safe. Many people prefer vaping marijuana over smoking due to the convenience and sophistication it brings. Being able to take a hit of this high-potency weed from a sleek device in a crowded restaurant or bus is something most marijuana users envy. However, it’s important to know what you are inhaling.


You’ve probably heard about a weed pens ( or electronic cigarettes for a while now. Manufacturers of these devices market them as healthier alternatives to traditional smoking. Consequently, some of these devices can be quite expensive with prices hitting hundreds of dollars. So, before you invest your hard-earned money on this device, it’s wise to know if using it is safe for you.

Facts about Safety of Vaping Marijuana

As of October 1, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had received reports of 1,080 cases of lung injury associated with vaping or the use of electronic cigarettes from 1 U.S territory and 48 states. These cases were characterized by coughing, chest pain, and short breath before deterioration to the point that required hospitalization. Most victims ended up with a life-threatening condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome. The victims had fluid buildup in their lungs, thereby preventing oxygen circulation. Some of them died.
However, the safety of the process of vaping marijuana is not what is potentially dangerous. The danger comes from what a person vapes or inhales. For marijuana to be turned into the liquid that can be consumed using some weed pens, it has to meet some criteria. For instance, it must have the right viscosity. 100% pure marijuana oil is a thick, sticky, and gooey mess. Therefore, to attain the right viscosity, some manufacturers add thinning agents. These dilute the natural marijuana oil into the fluid that responds to the heating coils of the used device.
Unfortunately, the used thinning agents are potentially toxic. Propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol, for instance, become carcinogenic polymers when heated to some temperatures. Some manufacturers of marijuana oil for vaping use thinning agents whose byproducts include formaldehyde. This is a group 1 carcinogen.
What’s more, marijuana is prone to hazardous mildew, mold, and diseases, just like other plants. To avoid this, some farmers use harsh chemicals to ensure that their crop grows unobstructed and unharmed. Unfortunately, some of these chemicals can end up being part of the marijuana that goes into your weed vape pen.
Pros and Cons of Vaping Marijuana
Having known about vaping marijuana and where the danger lies, it’s worth knowing the pros and cons of this method of consuming weed.
Vaping involves heating marijuana in an oil or dried herb form. The product being vaporized is heated below the combustion point. Thus, you inhale vapor when vaporizing marijuana. Here are the pros of vaping marijuana.
No Smoke
Inhaling smoke from any source is harmful to human health. Smoking marijuana or tobacco exposes you to carcinogenic compounds. These can affect your respiratory health negatively. It’s, therefore, not surprising that a CNN report shows that more people are using electronic cigarettes as their nicotine alternative while trying to stop smoking.
When you vape marijuana, you don’t inhale smoke. Therefore, you don’t expose your lungs to the harmful effects of smoke. What’s more, you avoid the unpleasant smell of marijuana smoke.
Temperature Control
Vaping marijuana enables you to control the temperature. This is very important because temperature determines the cannabinoids that are inhaled from marijuana. Thus, you determine the taste and cannabinoids you get from marijuana when you vaporize it. This is not the case with smoking which destroys marijuana completely.
Strong Flavors
A major reason to use a vape pen for weed is to enjoy the original flavor of marijuana. When marijuana is smoked or burnt, its original taste is affected negatively. Smoking can create a hash, thick smoke that overpowers the original flavor of the marijuana strain.
However, vaping entails heating the herb instead of burning it. As such, vaping allows you to enjoy the pure taste of the flavorsome terpenes of marijuana in their deliciously, full delectable glory.  
Anything that has pros has its cons too. Here are the cons of vaping marijuana.
The Need for Research
You need time to conduct some research on vaping. A 2018 Gallup poll established that many people in American view both electronic cigarettes and marijuana as less harmful than smoking. 40% of the poll respondents thought that weed was not at all or not too harmful. However, this doesn’t mean you start vaping marijuana blindly.
To ensure your safety, conduct some research to consume quality, pure marijuana. Also, take time to learn to use the vaping device you purchase. That’s the only way to enjoy your vaping experience.
The initial cost can be high when starting to vape. You have to buy the best vape pen for weed. If you choose a refillable device, you have to purchase e-juice canisters. Even if you choose an inexpensive vaporizer, you will spend more than $100 on it. This initial cost can be a significant drawback for some people.
What’s more, you have to spend more money on changing the battery for the device and its general maintenance.
Without conducting some research, you can vape marijuana oil with thinning agents like polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. These can be turned into carcinogenic compounds like acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. Vaping devices are also not risk-free. The battery of some devices can explode and cause a fire.
The Bottom Line
Whether vaping marijuana is safe or not depends on how you do it. For instance, the vaping products you choose, whether the device or the cannabis oil you vape will affect your safety. Nevertheless, vaping marijuana has its pros and cons that you need to weigh before you decide whether to vape or not.
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